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About The Program

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On the best day of your life,
what was the dish you ate?
On the day she gave birth, a new mother’s first meal is miyeok-guk, or seaweed soup.

On the baby’s first birthday, she has baek-seolgi, or snow white rice cake.
On her wedding day, she has noodles, and on her last day of life, she serves spicy yukgaejang beef soup, to her mourners.
On the first day she is born, a baby’s first meal is miyeok-guk,
through her mother’s milk.

Every event, every season, every rite and party in Korea is accompanied by a special dish.

How are our lives connected to the food that we eat?
Why do we have certain foods on certain days?

“Hansik of the Day” untangles the relationship between special days and special Korean foods, discovering hidden stories of Korean culture and cuisine along the way.