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Program : About The Program

About The Program

Past Program

Project K-Culture Elite
Sports, music, makeup, dance and fashion! Foreigners with a passion and flair for Korean culture enter the competition to become a K-Culture elite!
Who will be chosen by our professional judges, along with our online and offline foreign audience judges, to become the next K-culture ambassador?!
2 episodes. 1 theme!
Foreigners with special talents in various fields will enter the competition and nail-biting auditions will take place over 2 episodes!
The battle is on between our talented foreigners living in Korea! So... who will become the next K-culture ambassador?
100 judges will choose the next K-Culture Elite
100 audience judges will help judge the competition, and the fate or fortune of our contestants lies in their hands!
Who will they choose to become the next K-Culture elite?
Mission? Win over the studio audience!!!
A mission will be given in each round of the tournament, and contestants will face elimination along the way.
The ‘Final 3’ will face a surprise mission where their skills (and a bit of luck!) will determine the ultimate winner.
There will be twists and turns in every round and our contestants will get to show us what they’ve got! K-Culture Elite is their place to shine!