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Destination Korea
About Destination Korea
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Program : About Destination Korea

About Destination Korea

Past Program

Destination Korea Ⅰ
As the world becomes smaller with globalization, branding resources towards tourism have emerged as a competitive marketing tool for countries today. As such, it is imperative for Korea to discover and develop an unique tourism industry. This program will provide a window into Korea for a global audience wishing to experience the Korean Wave or Hallyu as well as to learn about the country’s beauty and unique culture. It is a program that will show how Korean culture, history, cuisines and attractions have the potential to become brand names for the world.

Destination Korea Ⅱ(Temple Edition)
The beautiful mountains of Korea undergo majestic transformations during the changing seasons. Amidst the famous mountains and valleys that are tucked deep in the wilderness, you can find ancient Buddhist temples that have been standing for centuries. Our foreign guests set off on a journey to take mountain hikes and marvel at the sheer beauty of nature! This cultural documentary will present colorful visuals of Korea to burnish Korea's image as tourist destination in the current age of globalization, in which a positive international image is equated with stronger national competitiveness! “Destination Korea!” Showing the true beauty of Korea through a Korean perspective.