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World Ch. Schedule : THU 10:30 KST

* Date : 2019-01-10

NOW Episode 28
Ice Skate in the Middle of Seoul!
Every winter, Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall turns into an outdoor ice skating rink! It’s an iconic winter attraction in the city, and the size of the rink has been expanded this year - 1.5 times its previous size. On top of skating, visitors can also enjoy curling and other winter Olympic sports set up in various VR experience zones throughout the area. Visit the site to meet citizens enjoying true winter delight as well as the staff that makes this wonderful experience possible.
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Gems of the Tongyeong Sea - Oysters
Tongyeong is a picturesque coastal city located in Gyeongsangnam-do Province, often referred to as “The Naples of the Orient.” In addition to its spectacular and tranquil scenery, there is another thing that enjoys a special status in this city – oysters. As the producer of over 80% of Korea's oyster harvests, the city offers a wide variety of oyster dishes, including oyster pizza and oyster gratin. Known to taste the best between December and February, many visit the city during the winter season to enjoy the delicacy. Let’s kick off our gastronomic voyage to Tongyeong just in time for the oyster season.
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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Diet Come True!
With the new year comes an influx of resolutions to lose weight. However, those resolutions often turn out to be unachievable. To make them possible this year, we zoom in on fun, interesting and clever ways to lose weight permanently.
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11 2018-09-13 Episode 11 : Be a Spartan / Theater for Life / Craft beer festival V
10 2018-09-06 Episode 10 : World Music for Everyone / Premium Hwangto Salt / Your Dream Cosplay 'SICAF 2018' V
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