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* Date : 2019-01-10

Money Monster Episode 32
Smart home, a living trend in 2019
Along with the changing trends in the technological sector, a paradigm shift has taken place in the field of smart home. And the market has recently achieved significant growth along with the development of advanced technologies including IoT and artificial intelligence. There is a public organization which has been involved in developing smart home. It has introduced innovative changes based on the IoT technologies in order to improve the quality of people's lives. Also, it has become possible to collect various types of information based on the cloud computing, by connecting the IoT devices and sensors. And it has led to the evolution of residential spaces which can offer customized solutions for different lifestyles. Smart home has been transforming into a space that provides customized services to the resident. The smart home market has recently been vitalized along with the development of AI speaker. A smart home with AI-based speaker can control the devices only with the voice of a user. So it has increased the user convenience. Energy-zero house, which is also one of the smart home technologies, has been introduced. It is a combination of a residential space and ICT technologies. The amount of used energy can be checked in real time, by making use of an eco-friendly energy source. So it can contribute to improving the efficiency of the energy management system. Also, it has decreased apartment maintenance fee as well. We explore smart home, which has been evolved into a customized residential space by implementing various technologies according to different lifestyles of users.
Rise of subscription economy
A growing number of consumers have used services which allow unlimited, or a fixed number of use of a certain product by paying a fixed monthly charge. Subscription economy, which provides various types of services based on a fixed monthly charge, has emerged as a recent trend. There is a domestic business that delivers draft beer twice a month to the customers who pay a fixed amount of monthly charge. Also, a car subscription service which enables customers to choose various types of cars with different designs, has been introduced. Moreover, the quality of subscription services has been improved as well. For example, there is a painting subscription service which enables customers to choose any kind of paintings they want among 20 thousand art pieces, only by paying a fixed monthly charge. And specialized curators select the art pieces for the service users. They select the paintings by considering the tastes of consumers, including the size and colors. Curators also help find the best location of the painting. We look into the rise of subscription economy, which has boosted reasonable consumption and increased the convenience of consumers.
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Innovative Korea, Medical Asia "ZEAH Dental Hospital"
Advanced medical industry has played a significant role when it comes to enhancing the national competitiveness in the global market. ZEAH Dental Hospital has improved the level of satisfaction and happiness of patients by leading the development of the domestic medical technologies. It has provided surgeries in various fields including oral and maxillofacial area, dental implant and orthodontics without an accident. The hospital has gained recognition based on the advanced capabilities, so the patients have been highly satisfied with the medical services. Also, patients from all parts of the globe have visited the hospital to receive treatment. ZEAH Dental Hospital has provided various kinds of dental treatments including orthognathic surgery, orthodontic treatment and cavity treatment. And dental implant is one of the treatments that have been mainly provided by the hospital. Experienced medical staffs of ZEAH Dental Hospital provide a safe medical treatment, while the patients are sleeping. So patients can get treatments more conveniently without concerns. Also, an emergency system, which is usually difficult to be found in other dental hospitals, has been introduced to ZEAH Dental Hospital. It is to deal with possible emergencies like blackout that might occur during major surgeries. The hospital has regularly participated in social service activities. Also, it has provided oral examination for the Mongolians living in Korea for free, as part of an effort to popularize the Korean medical technologies to the world. The hospital has built trust with the patients by providing advanced medical treatments and promoting a transparent management system. We introduce ZEAH Dental Hospital, which is expected to gain recognition in the global medical sector.
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