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* Date : 2019-01-07

BizSmart (Season 2) - Ep. 14
As more and more people are taking interest in life extension, the volume of health care sector has been increased. Along with the trend, a variety of health care products are released in the market. There's a business that has developed lights combining LED with color therapy that induces people's mental stability using light. Color therapy not only stables your emotions but also relieves stress and vitalizes your life. Based on this fact, the company has developed their own mood light. The mood light offers 7 different colors and the color can be changed with a remote control. It allows users to adjust the brightness of light as well. Moreover, the light has a wireless charging function for smart phones as well as providing multiple shades of color. This aspect of high practicality grabs people's attention and the lights are now utilized in a variety of areas such as offices, or coffee shops as interior accessories. Lately, the firm is working together with a napkin arts corporation to change the design of the lights. It is to release a new product in a trendy and classy design from the original simple design, putting napkin craft skills into mood lights. JUNG AN HEALTH CARE will create a platform that enables telemedicine through mood lights in the future and become a competitive corporation in the healthcare industry. We meet JUNG AN HEALTH CARE, a company that exerts utmost effort to developing products with innovative ideas.
Soccer has held its position as a universal sport and has been loved by people all over the world for a long time. Along with it, concerned businesses also have been increasing. A domestic corporation Oddeyesoft is highly appreciated in the industry for developing an application that enables users to plan soccer tactics in 3D technology. The application invented by Oddeyesoft allows customers to set the number of players and their location as well as the moving direction of a ball with just a couple of clicks. The strong point of it is that the data stored in 2 dimensions are converted via the program and materialized in 3 dimensions automatically. Therefore, it is receiving good reactions from workers in the soccer area or just ordinary people who are into soccer. The graphics of the app is more sophisticated than a tactic board, so it helps players understand the tactics easily and the motions realized are pretty detailed. Besides, the app can be installed and used anywhere as long as you have a cell phone. Actually, users can store their own soccer tactics and share them through SNS or text messages with others easily. Users are also able to watch and analyze impressive goal scenes of premier league matches in 3 dimensions in the app. We search into Oddeyesoft which wishes to be a platform for soccer lovers to share and learn soccer tactics.
These days, only similar kinds of games have been released in the game market as the game trend is changing from PC games to mobile ones. One game maker has been in the spotlight for creating the world's first audio virtual reality game. Evo42games is now fully concentrated on producing a game “Umwelt” generated through the project "The Aurora". This game has opened up a new genre, the audio VR game, and there have been some audio games using sounds but this game is the first in the world to have the audio system interact with VR skills. One thing to note is that consumers can play the game via their smart phones. When the movement sounds of objects are conveyed through earphones, you get to play the game by dragging the screen of your smart phone. It is especially useful in battle scenes since it is connected to a gyro sensor. The sounds are produced in various environments such as forests, dungeons, oceans, and cities. Instead of having graphics that are visually shown, the game provides realistic sounds like the sound of grass when you step on the grass. So users are able to play games simply with the audio. Another reason Evo42games is gaining public attention as an audio VR game is that the visually challenged can also enjoy the game. Normally other games are based on vision so it is almost impossible for the disabled like blind people to play them. Evo42games has communicated with customers and overcome the limitations inventing the world's first innovative mobile games. We hope to see the enterprise become a leading company in the global game industry.
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