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* Date : 2018-04-13

BizSmart - Episode 55
KJI INDUSTRIAL, developing foot patches

KJI INDUSTRIAL is a company that manufactures foot patches which can improve people's health. When applying a foot patch on the bottom of the foot, the patch absorbs body wastes and it helps people relieve stress and feel refreshed. By promoting technical cooperation with a Japanese company, it has accumulated advanced manufacturing capabilities and provided safe products. A variety of foot patches with natural ingredients like wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, eucalyptus, lavender and rose have been produced by the company. Also, the company is currently developing a new product that uses mint, by considering the tastes of consumers. It has delivered the products to about 20 different countries including Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We introduce KJI INDUSTRIAL, a company that has strengthened its market competitiveness by providing convenient products made with natural ingredients.

La Brodée, making handmade accessories

La Brodée is a maker of handmade accessories. Based on the experiences it has accumulated by running a brand INEE for the past 15 years, the company has launched its own brand, La Brodée. Designers who specialize in metal craft, have designed necklaces and earrings by considering the latest fashion trends. Also, it has plated the accessories with lead-free and nickel-free materials so that it can be worn by consumers who have sensitive skin. The company has gained recognition in the domestic and overseas markets as well. We report on La Brodée, which has made ceaseless efforts to become a global business by promoting creative designs and sophisticated manufacturing process.

GAONHEAL, producing a functional pillow

GAONHEAL is a company that has developed a functional pillow. Interest in pillows that help deep and sound sleep is rising among consumers, and the company has strengthened its position by developing a functional pillow, Cotton Shower, which can be washed all together without being separated. The shape of the functional pillow doesn't change even when washing it together as a whole. It has used domestically produced cotton and fabric dyed with natural ingredients. The dual structure of the Cotton Shower Pillow can support the neck and shoulders safely, so it can prevent disc problems and turtle neck syndrome. Thanks to the high quality products it has developed, the company has achieved a lot of patents as well. We look into GAONHEAL, a company that has developed a pillow with improved functions in order to provide sound and deep sleep to customers.

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