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World Ch. Schedule : MON to TUE 10:30 KST

* Date : 2018-09-11

Wildlife Photographer & Environmental Film Director, Chris Jordan
Artist, director and photographer Chris Jordan creates art pieces with garbage thrown out by mass consumption.
His photographs and projects capture the serious issues and the inevitable consequences which will arise from our habits.
He produces films and holds lectures to raise awareness of the seriousness at hand.
What kind of a message does he want to deliver to the public through his work? Find out more about Chris Jordan and his meaningful projects on Heart-to-Heart.
Heart to HeartHeart to HeartHeart to Heart
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198 2018-09-25 Ep.198 Dr. Geon-mok Lee, who is lauded by international scientific journals for his Wonli Acupuncture treatment
197 2018-09-24 Ep.197 Dr. Ken Kim, a restorer who breathes life and heals damaged art pieces
196 2018-09-18 Ep.196 Professor Andrei Lankov, a prospect on the 3rd round of the Inter-Korean Summit V
195 2018-09-17 Ep.195 Pianist Jae-hyuck Cho, an intricate and vast expressiveness on the piano V
194 2018-09-11 Ep 194. Wildlife Photographer Environmental Film Director, Chris Jordan V
193 2018-09-10 Ep 193. Cutting down Expenditure on Developing New Drugs for Neglected Diseases! Serge Sagodira, the Director of Business Development at DNDi V
192 2018-09-04 Ep. 192 A Rising Star in the World of Classical Guitars, Lee Dong-hwi V
191 2018-09-03 Ep. 191 Lee Eung-se, The President of the National Development Institute of Korean Medicine V
190 2018-08-28 Ep. 190 Expanding Exchanges between Mexico & Korea! Ambassador Bruno Figueroa V
189 2018-08-27 Ep. 189 Director General Jerome Kim of the International Vaccine Institute V
188 2018-08-21 Ep. 188 Violinist So-jin Kim V
187 2018-08-20 Ep. 187 Global Consultant Simon Bureau V
186 2018-08-14 Ep. 186 A decades long yearning President Kim Kyung-jae of the South-North Separated Families Council V
185 2018-08-13 Ep. 185 The world's sole gold art artist, Kim Il-tae V
184 2018-08-07 Ep. 184 Erick Oh, a former animator from Pixar who creates distinct animation works V
183 2018-08-06 Ep. 183 Zen Master Wol-Ho, a life counselor who spreads the happy virus V
182 2018-07-31 Ep. 182 Top flutist Philipp Jundt, who brings Korea and Europe closer V
181 2018-07-30 Ep. 181 Texu Kim, a talented composer who challenges himself with new musical experiments V
180 2018-07-24 Ep. 180 The Expats Samulnori, a Korean samulnori troupe made up of foreigners who love Gugak V
179 2018-07-23 Ep. 179 Artist Park Keum-suk who promotes the excellence and artistic value of Hanji through dak paper dolls V
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