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* Date : 2018-09-10

Cutting down Expenditure on Developing New Drugs for Neglected Diseases!
Serge Sagodira, the Director of Business Development at DNDi
The Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi) is a non-profit drug research and development organization that is developing new treatments for neglected diseases in underdeveloped countries.
This organization's mission and objectives are to develop and research new medication for infectious and neglected diseases that fall outside the scope of market-driven research and development. DNDi is working diligently for the betterment of global health.
DNDi's primary focus is to research and develop cost effective drugs and has paved a new path in developing new medicine.
Learn more about the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, its mission and projects with Dr. Serge Sagodira on Heart-to-Heart.
Heart to HeartHeart to Heart
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220 2018-12-11 Ep. 220 Zo Myoung-hee, a bag designer who uses Korean traditional items to add an exclusive touch to her bags V
219 2018-12-10 Ep. 219 Whang Sang-min, a psychology counselor who strives only for the betterment of healthy minds for Koreans V
218 2018-12-04 Ep. 218 Park Woong-hyun, who has the Midas touch in the Korean advertising industry
217 2018-12-03 Ep. 217 Heo Sung-yong, CEO of Africa Insight who promotes the beauty of Africa V
216 2018-11-27 Ep. 216 Mia Lee, a private diplomat who strives to strengthen cultural ties between Korea and France V
215 2018-11-26 Ep. 215 Rhie Won-bok, the mastermind behind the educational cartoon series "Far-away nations, Neighboring nations" V
214 2018-11-20 Ep. 214 Painter Lim Ki-ok, a pioneer in paintings on the theme of snowflakes V
213 2018-11-19 Ep.213 Brenda Paik Sunoo, American photojournalist who first published an English book on haenyeo V
212 2018-11-13 Ep. 212 CEO Joseph Lee, who captivates global readers with the exportation of Korean literature V
211 2018-11-12 Ep. 211 Kyu Lee, the mastermind behind PSY's debut in the States and who promotes K-Culture V
210 2018-11-06 Ep 210. Sarah Soo-kyung, a wine curator with abundant stories related to wine V
209 2018-11-05 Ep 209. Professor William O'Grady of University of Hawai'i at Mānoa who strives to revive Jejueo V
208 2018-10-30 Ep.208 Promoting the excellence and true values of Hangeul - Director Park Young-goog of the National Hangeul Museum V
207 2018-10-29 Ep.207 Hair stylist Cha Hong, who leads the global hair style trends V
206 2018-10-23 Ep.206 A destined encounter with Hanbok - Korea's acclaimed Hanbok designer PARK Sul-nyeo V
205 2018-10-22 Ep.205 A world without hunger - Hyoung-joon LIM, Head of the World Food Programme Korea Office V
204 2018-10-16 Ep.204 Dr. Woo-jung Kim, who provides cure and hope to Cambodians who suffer from illnesses V
203 2018-10-15 Ep.203 Hye Moon, the CEO of the Cultural Assets Restoration Organization V
202 2018-10-09 Ep.202 Designer Lee Hyo-jae, Housekeeping is a style V
201 2018-10-08 Ep.201 Director Chuck Chae, who won an award at the Venice International Film Festival with a VR film V
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