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World Ch. Schedule : MON to TUE 10:30 KST

* Date : 2018-05-15

Pushing the boundaries of science, world-renowned neuroscientist Cho Zang-hee

He's the global authority in neuroscience! As an early pioneer of CT and PET imaging techniques, Cho Zang-hee is one of the world's leading scholars in this field..., being praised as one worthy of receiving the Nobel Prize. On Heart-to-Heart, we sit down with Professor Cho Zang-hee... who still wholly devotes himself to research activities and to nurturing the future generation.

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198 2018-09-25 Ep.198 Dr. Geon-mok Lee, who is lauded by international scientific journals for his Wonli Acupuncture treatment
197 2018-09-24 Ep.197 Dr. Ken Kim, a restorer who breathes life and heals damaged art pieces
196 2018-09-18 Ep.196 Professor Andrei Lankov, a prospect on the 3rd round of the Inter-Korean Summit V
195 2018-09-17 Ep.195 Pianist Jae-hyuck Cho, an intricate and vast expressiveness on the piano V
194 2018-09-11 Ep 194. Wildlife Photographer Environmental Film Director, Chris Jordan V
193 2018-09-10 Ep 193. Cutting down Expenditure on Developing New Drugs for Neglected Diseases! Serge Sagodira, the Director of Business Development at DNDi V
192 2018-09-04 Ep. 192 A Rising Star in the World of Classical Guitars, Lee Dong-hwi V
191 2018-09-03 Ep. 191 Lee Eung-se, The President of the National Development Institute of Korean Medicine V
190 2018-08-28 Ep. 190 Expanding Exchanges between Mexico & Korea! Ambassador Bruno Figueroa V
189 2018-08-27 Ep. 189 Director General Jerome Kim of the International Vaccine Institute V
188 2018-08-21 Ep. 188 Violinist So-jin Kim V
187 2018-08-20 Ep. 187 Global Consultant Simon Bureau V
186 2018-08-14 Ep. 186 A decades long yearning President Kim Kyung-jae of the South-North Separated Families Council V
185 2018-08-13 Ep. 185 The world's sole gold art artist, Kim Il-tae V
184 2018-08-07 Ep. 184 Erick Oh, a former animator from Pixar who creates distinct animation works V
183 2018-08-06 Ep. 183 Zen Master Wol-Ho, a life counselor who spreads the happy virus V
182 2018-07-31 Ep. 182 Top flutist Philipp Jundt, who brings Korea and Europe closer V
181 2018-07-30 Ep. 181 Texu Kim, a talented composer who challenges himself with new musical experiments V
180 2018-07-24 Ep. 180 The Expats Samulnori, a Korean samulnori troupe made up of foreigners who love Gugak V
179 2018-07-23 Ep. 179 Artist Park Keum-suk who promotes the excellence and artistic value of Hanji through dak paper dolls V
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