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World Ch. Schedule : MON to TUE 10:30 KST

* Date : 2018-05-15

Pushing the boundaries of science, world-renowned neuroscientist Cho Zang-hee

He's the global authority in neuroscience! As an early pioneer of CT and PET imaging techniques, Cho Zang-hee is one of the world's leading scholars in this field..., being praised as one worthy of receiving the Nobel Prize. On Heart-to-Heart, we sit down with Professor Cho Zang-hee... who still wholly devotes himself to research activities and to nurturing the future generation.

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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
161 2018-05-21 Ep. 161 Youtube content creator Emil Price
160 2018-05-15 Ep. 160 Pushing the boundaries of science, world-renowned neuroscientist Cho Zang-hee V
159 2018-05-14 Ep. 159 One of Seoul's first NK defectors, President Ahn Chan-il of the World Institute for North Korean Studies. V
158 2018-05-08 Ep. 158 Yuna Yang, the Korean designer that captivated New York's fashion world V
157 2018-05-07 Ep. 157 Park Jae-beom, the original writer of the hit American TV series'The Good Doctor' V
156 2018-05-01 Ep. 156 Commissioner Ko Sam-seog from Korea Communications Commission V
155 2018-04-30 Heart to Heart EP.155 The icon of innovation in Europe, Ambassador Lody Embrechts from the Netherlands V
154 2018-04-24 Heart to Heart EP.154 From language enthusiast to popular Korean teacher, Sun Hyun-woo V
153 2018-04-23 Heart to Heart EP.153 Irina Bokova, the former UNESCO Director-General V
152 2018-04-17 Heart to Heart EP.152 The operating director of the Gwanghwamun International Art Festival, Lim Man-sun V
151 2018-04-16 Heart to Heart EP.151 Korea's first foreign professor to teach traditional music, Hilary Finchum-Sung V
150 2018-04-10 Heart to Heart EP.150 The first Korean musician to win the Latin Grammy Award, Sita Chay V
149 2018-04-09 Heart to Heart EP.149 Connecting overseas Koreans together, President Han Woo-sung of Overseas Koreans Foundation V
148 2018-04-03 Heart to Heart EP.148 Captivating the world with absolute precision! World's top urban dance crew, Just Jerk V
147 2018-04-02 Heart to Heart EP.147 Enhancing the cultural cooperation between Korea and Germany! V
146 2018-03-27 Heart to Heart EP.146 Gugak band that captivated world with distinct music, Coreyah V
145 2018-03-26 Heart to Heart EP.145 - An Asia expert that's spreading Spanish culture, Ambassador Gonzalo Ortiz V
144 2018-03-20 Heart to Heart EP.144 - A Belgian singer-songwriter that loves Korea, Sioen V
143 2018-03-19 Heart to Heart EP.143 - Paul Carver, Head of Seoul Global Center V
142 2018-03-13 Heart to Heart EP.142 - Orchestra Popolare La Notte Della Taranta, Letting the world fall in love with Italian folk music V
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