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World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

* Date : 2017-01-10

Outlook for Situation in North Korea in 2017
On this week's PENINSULA 24, we are joined by Cho Nam-hoon, Senior Research Fellow at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA), Lee Seong-hyon, Research Fellow at the Sejong Institute and Brian Myers, Professor of International Studies at Dongseo University to discuss the outlook for the North Korean regime as well as its foreign policies in 2017.
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49 2017-08-23 Ep.49 Imminent Red Line drawn on Korean Peninsula…Started UFG Drill
48 2017-08-16 Ep.48 100 Days of Moon Jae-in's Presidency, Evaluation of Foreign Affairs and National Security and its Direction V
47 2017-08-09 Ep.47 N. Korea's ICBM, Urgent Issue for Northeast Asia V
46 2017-08-02 Ep.46 North Korea's Missile Provocation... Is it close to completion? V
45 2017-07-26 Ep.45 Moon Administration's 5-year Roadmap... North Korea's Response? V
44 2017-07-19 Ep.44 S. Korea's Olive Branch: Will N. Korea Take It? V
43 2017-07-12 Ep.43 Taking On North Korea Policy at the G20 Summit V
42 2017-07-05 Ep.42 Achievements of South Korea-U.S. Summit V
41 2017-06-28 Ep.41 Views on Upcoming South Korea-U.S. Summit V
40 2017-06-21 Ep.40 U.S. Student Otto Warmbier's release.....possibility of North Korea-U.S. talk? V
39 2017-06-14 Ep.39 Delay in THAAD deployment...Future Path of Security on the Korean Peninsula V
38 2017-06-07 Ep.38 Deterring North Korean Provocations V
37 2017-05-31 Ep.37 Cooperation with China, 'Key player on the North Korea Nuclear Issue' V
36 2017-05-24 Ep.36 Korea-U.S. agree to push for summit talks... Will this accelerate efforts to solve North Korea nuclear issue? V
35 2017-05-17 Ep.35 A New Direction for Moon Jae-in administration toward North Korea V
34 2017-05-03 Ep.34 Presidential candidates policy pledges vis-a-vis North Korea
33 2017-04-26 Ep.33 Nuclear technology level of North Korea V
32 2017-04-19 Ep.32 Possibility of April crisis on the Korean peninsula V
31 2017-04-12 Ep.31 US-China summit and South Korea's policy toward North Korea V
30 2017-04-07 Special Peninsula 24 - Episode 10. A Road to Korean Unification V
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