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* Date : 2018-12-04

Foreign Correspondents Ep. 115 - DUI laws and public perceptions
South Korea toughens DUI punishment with the Yoon Chang-ho Act
Changing public perceptions and regulation on drunk-driving

On Nov. 29, South Korea's National Assembly passed the Yoon Chang-ho Act. The new law was drafted following the death of Yoon Chang-ho who was struck and killed by vehicle operated by a drunk driver September 25. It strengthens punishment on driving under the influence, with President Moon Jae-in also chiming in by saying that drunk driving can constitute murder and destroy the lives of others. With South Korea stepping up its regulations on drunk-driving, there is a growing interest on how other countries deal with DUIs. In Australia and New Zealand, drunk drivers are named and shamed in newspapers, while in Canada, offenders must install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in their vehicles. There is also a growing debate on how passengers who allow drunk drivers to operate a vehicle should be punished, as well as how drunk cyclists should be handled. In this week's edition of "Foreign Correspondents", we sit down with our panel of foreign journalists to find out more about South Korea's DUI-related laws and regulations, as well as those of other countries across the world.

Fabian Kretschmer, Journalist / Deutsche Welle
Kelly Kasulis, Contributing Journalist / Public Radio International
Stanislav Variboda, Journalist / Itar-TASS
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