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* Date : 2018-05-15

Foreign Correspondents Ep.86 - The S. Korea-China-Japan trilateral summit
The first S. Korea-China-Japan summit in two-and-a-half years

On May 9, President Moon Jae-in visited Japan for the first time since his inauguration, in order to the S. Korea-China-Japan summit alongside Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. After a 70 minute-long meeting, the three leaders adopted a joint statement expressing their unanimous support for the Panmunjom Declaration that was announced from the inter-Korean summit, while pledging efforts toward peace and stability in Northeast Asia. The North Korea issue was also the main focus of the separate one-on-one meetings between President Moon and the two leaders on the sideline of the summit. The three nations reaffirmed their strong partnership in their first trilateral meeting since November, 2015.

China and Japan's view of the Korean Peninsula

The main agenda of the latest trilateral summit was cooperation between the three countries in order to carry out the agreements from the Panmunjom Declaration. President Moon played a central role in bringing the three sides together in order to ensure peace and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. However, some experts point out that China and Japan may be sitting rather uneasy, despite their welcoming of improved inter-Korean relations, with both Beijing and Tokyo finding themselves on the outside looking in, regarding the latest developments on the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile, China and North Korea have reaffirmed their military alliance, after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi traveled to Pyongyang on May 2, followed by a reciprocal visit from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on May 7. Japan on the other hand, has been easing its traditionally hardline stance on North Korea following the agreements to hold an inter-Korean summit, as well as a meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Tokyo is even mulling a bilateral summit, as well as the normalization of diplomatic ties with North Korea. In this week's edition of "Foreign Correspondents", we sit down with our panel of foreign journalists to discuss the South Korea-China-Japan trilateral summit in more detail.

Fabian Kretschmer, Journalist / Deutsche Welle
Stanislav Variboda, Journalist / Itar-TASS (Russia)
Ueno Mikihiko, Journalist / Tokyo Shimbun

foreign correspondents
foreign correspondents
foreign correspondents
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