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World Ch. Schedule : MON 09:05 KST

* Date : 2017-01-09

Episode 14: Harp, Playing the Soul of Light – Gwyneth Wentink
Gwyneth Wentink, a harpist who stages unique harp performances by using light

Gwyneth Wentink, a globally renowned harpist from the Netherlands, visits Korea. She is the first artist to combine the harp with cymatics, the study of sound and its visualization. Inspired by the alluring and dreamlike light, Gwyneth will be staging a new form of performance together with visual artist Choi Kyung-ah and composer Shin Ji-su.

Meeting diverse forms of light in Gwangju, the "town of light"

Gwyneth begins her journey with Kyung-ah in Gwangju, the "town of light." From cymatics to the festival of light that showcases novel artworks, diverse forms of light enchant Gwyneth with their beauty.

Dutch harpist meets gonghu, the Korean harp

There is a piece of music for the harp titled "Gonghu," which had always made Gwyneth wonder about the instrument gonghu. To satisfy her curiosity, composer Shin Ji-su introduces the Dutch harpist to Cho Bo-yeon, Korea's one and only gonghu player. Gwyneth cannot tear her eyes away from the beautiful gonghu, the traditional Korean instrument that is still in the process of being restored, as well as from Cho's graceful performance. She gets a chance to play the gonghu herself. Tenderly embracing the instrument, she encounters sounds of Korea that she has never experienced before.

Feeling the sounds of nature at Taean's beaches

Gwyneth marvels at the stunning scenery created by the sky and the ocean. To her, the sea in Taean is beauty itself, from the sound of waves that greet her to the white shells that dot the sand and the golden waters in the distance.

Back from her journey, Gwyneth's head is filled with the beauty of the things she has seen and heard while travelling. She gently places her fingers over the harp's strings, her eyes closed, and plays the melodies of light that resonate across the world.

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