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World Ch. Schedule : SAT 07:30 KST

* Date : 2018-04-14

ㅇThe Site of Reunification

North Korea's participation in the Winter Olympics
raised awareness on the relationship between the two Koreas and reunification.
On today's "The Site of Reunification,"
we'll listen to the honest thoughts of young people in South Korea.

ㅇ Looking at Unification Law

Mandu's father was a displaced man,and he kept a life-long secret.
A mysterious woman comes to Mandu after his father's death.
Who can it be? Let's find out who she is on
"Looking at Unification Law."

ㅇ The DMZ

Min-wu Jeong is a North Korean defector.
Under his cheerful broadcaster persona are unexpressed feelings he keeps to himself.
"The Last DMZ – A Young North Korean Defector," will begin now.

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