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* Date : 2017-01-09

Cooking Possible Ep2

The main ingredient for the second [Cooking Possible] episode is BEEF! This time Chefs Ryan and Lee Jin-ho have stepped up to globalize Korean beef dishes.

Chef Ryan chose spicy beef soup and rice, loved for its rich, beefy broth. Meanwhile, Chef Jin-ho will make galbi-jjim, or braised beef ribs, simmered in sweet soy sauce and garnished with assorted toppings.

The two chefs have visited the masters of these two beef dishes and learned their secrets to great spicy beef soup and galbi-jjim.

The first cook-off takes place in the studio.Chef Ryan's spicy beef soup vs. Chef Jin-ho's galbi-jjim!Which one did the judges pick as their favorite?

After an exciting first round, the chefs again come head to head in the second round! They are allowed to use only American ingredients and sauces to make Korean beef dishes.

Chef Ryan replaced Korean chili powder with Texas chili powder and woogeoji (dried cabbage leaves) with dried collard greens to complete his spicy beef soup. Meanwhile, for his galbi-jjim Chef Jin-ho used Kikkoman soy sauce readily available in American grocery stores instead of Korean soy sauce and rice vermicelli noodles instead of Korean mung bean noodles.

The two chefs have wowed the judges with their Americanized recipes of Korean spicy beef soup and galbi-jjim! Who came out as the final winner?

Find out in this exciting episode of Korean cooking show [Cooking Possible]!

Cooking Possible Ep2Cooking Possible Ep2
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