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World Ch. Schedule : THU 07:30 KST

* Date : 2017-03-18

4 Angles Ep.160
Traditional Markets a Must Visit for Foreign Travellers
Seoul's iconic traditional markets are one of the top tourist attractions. Lined with more than 10,000 small shops, Namdaemun Market welcomes about 10,000 international visitors every day. The market hosts language classes to help vendors communicate with foreign travellers. Gwangjang Market, the oldest remaining daily market in Korea, is an ideal place for travellers who want to sample some of the best Korean street foods. Tongin Market has made its name with a unique build-your-own lunch box scheme. Learn more about how these traditional markets cater to foreign travellers.
24 Hours at Convenience Store
The number of convenience stores in Korea surpassed 33,000. Found on practically every corner, they have become an integral part of everyday life. They are now more convenient than ever, offering basic necessities, lunch boxes and over-the-counter medicines and doubling as a pick-up and drop-off point for parcel deliveries and car-sharing services. Here is a look at 24 hours spent at one of the convenience stores in Korea.
Self-Serve Kiosks Go Mainstream
Heralded as the consumer experience of the future, unstaffed stores and self-serve kiosks are becoming a fixture in the retail sector. A digital kiosk in the bank issues a debit card and manages online banking sign-ups on behalf of a teller, and a self-serve kiosk at a burger joint takes orders and handles payments. Are there any drawbacks to the rise of unstaffed stores? Learn more about the fascinating world of unattended retail.

Small Bookstores Are Making a Comeback
Once eclipsed by mega book chains and online bookstores, small and independent bookstores are enjoying a revival. They serve as a community gathering spot for author events or book discussions, while offering thoughtfully selected titles as well as a cozy, intimate atmosphere. From the "Midnight Bookstore" program to a themed bookstore, we take a look at what sets these small bookstores apart from big-name chains.
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