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World Ch. Schedule : THU 10:30 KST

* Date : 2018-04-12

Arts Avenue 2018 Ep.15
Fine Art
Jiwol: Together but Different (池月 · 相相展)

A renowned artist couple, Han Young-sup and Nam Young-hie, both work with traditional Korean paper but in a different way. Han is well-known for rubbing art on traditional paper featuring a variety of themes from nature, whereas Nam describes memories and everyday life by folding and dyeing Korean paper. Take a closer look at how the two artists have experimented with traditional Korean paper for the past 50 years!

Hope and Dreams Ceramics

Inspired by nature, clay artist Park In-soo turns cold clay into adorable little ceramic animals. After watching documentary film "March of the Penguins," Park started creating ceramic animals. All his animals are waiting for something. Some are waiting for dreams or hopes to come true while others are waiting for their owners. That is why they are all looking up at the sky. Park obtains his materials from nature or even from wastes such as coffee residues which he uses to describe a warm fuzzy texture of a sweater. Take a little break from your busy life and enjoy the moment with the little ceramic animal friends.

The Koreana Chamber Music Society's 68th Concert

The highly esteemed Koreana Chamber Music Society proudly presents its 68th Concert in commemoration of the 100th death anniversary of Achille-Claude Debussy and the 150th death anniversary of Gioachino Antonio Rossini. Indulge in the incredible melodies of chamber music and opera pieces from Baroque to Romantic to modern times including those arranged by Debussy, Rossini and Korean composer Kim Sung-gi.


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