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World Ch. Schedule : THU 06:30 KST

* Date : 2017-02-16

Arts Avenue 2017 Ep.07
Fine Art
Condolences on the missing island - Je So-jeong

Etching artist Je So-jeong holds her private exhibition at the Gallery Meme. Je creates a world full of unrealistic creatures and figures in her highly detailed and delicate copper plate etchings. She draws her inspiration from an image of women, and more specifically mothers, in our society. By fully incorporating a sense of immeasurable sorrow and grief from a loss of her mother into her works, Je bravely shares her very human emotions with the audience.

[Fine art] Condolences on the missing island - Je So-jeong

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Fairy Tales on Your Table - Gu Se-na

Ceramics designer Gu Se-na gained her fame with her brilliant, nature-themed tableware that instantly grabbed the world's attention. A hummingbird jug, a cauliflower teapot and a stone-shaped vase are some of her eye-catching creations that stole the hearts of international art collectors across Europe including Britain, Italy and France. Gu's extraordinary ideas allow our imagination run wild and take our dining experience to a whole new level.

[Design]Fairy Tales on Your Table - Gu Se-na


Rising Above the Horizon

Choreographer Kim Hee-jung puts his creative, ingenious performance on stage. 'Rising Above the Horizon' portrays how people live their lives today as they struggle over the conflict between fairness and ambition. Performers capture an escalating struggle as power-hungry knowledge plunges into the ground. Take a peek at this unique performance that talks about hope amid devastation.

[performance] Rising Above the Horizon




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