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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

* Date : 2019-01-11

Simply K-Pop Ep. 345 Line-up [Simply K-Pop's male rising star special]

A.C.E is an energetic group on the rise with incredible talent.

"CACTUS" connects A.C.E's story of growth to a cactus that firmly holds its ground, regardless of the situation.

A.C.E - Take Me Higher

"Take Me Higher" is about the fantasy of a man in love.

simply K-POP

ONF is a group that turns heads with their musical talent.

"ON/OFF" highlights the members' unique voices and dance.


ONF is a group that turns heads with their musical talent.

"ON/OFF" highlights the members' unique voices and dance.

ONF – Complete

With quick house beats, "Complete" focuses on the lyrics "You might not believe it, but I need you to complete me."

simply K-POP
Golden Child – DamDaDi

Golden Child debuted, hoping to lead the music scene with their musical colors and impressives performances.

"DamDaDi" is a bright song that captures the group's colors.

Golden Child – Genie

"Genie" is about wanting to do everything a person can possibly do for the one he loves.

simply K-POP

MXM is a popular unit group consisting of two members.

"I'M THE ONE" is about a man's confident confession, asking a special person to always be by his side.


"YA YA YA" is about a man who compares falling in love to the coffee that he can't stop drinking.

simply K-POP

JEONG SEWOON is a loved artist, known for his exceptional singing and songwriting skills.

"MIRACLE" is a ballad with lyrics written by JEONG SEWOON.

simply K-POP

YDPP is a project group with a variety of musical colors.

"LOVE IT LIVE IT" is a bright retro synth pop song with an assortment of fun sounds.

simply K-POP
Stray Kids - District 9

Stray Kids is a popular group with songwriting talent.

"District 9" is about how the new group is ready to turn any place upside down with their music and charms.

Stray Kids - Get Cool

With a bright and addictive melody, "Get Cool" describes a very lucky day through Stray Kids' unique colors.

simply K-POP

THE BOYZ is a 12-member group, eager to capture the public's heart as a one of a kind group.

"Boy" carries dynamic beats as well as a lyrical melody.

THE BOYZ – Right Here

"Right Here" is a song written in the perspective of a boy who is overflowing with confidence and assurance.

THE BOYZ - Giddy Up

As a refreshing dance song of the funky pop genre,"Giddy Up" has a modernized melody filled with passion to keep on going.

simply K-POP
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