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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

* Date : 2018-05-11

Simply K-Pop Ep. 311
Changmin Lee - Think too much

Beginning his first solo activities since debut, Changmin Lee released his new mini-album "The Bright Sky."

With a calm melody and Lee Changmin Lee's soothing voice, "Think too much"describes the feelings of the modern people as they go through their daily struggles.

simply K-POP
GFRIEND - Time for the moon night

Strongly determined to be a group that you want to see day and night, GFRIEND made a comeback with their 6th mini-album "Time for the moon night."

Carrying GFRIEND's unique emotions and musical concept, "Time for the moon night" is about becoming sentimental during a time when you think of someone you love.

simply K-POP
Lovelyz - That day

Fitting perfectly with the warm spring season, Lovelyz returned with their 4th mini-album "Heal," bringing all their vibrant colors with them.

Filled with Lovelyz's sentimentality, "That day" is about the process of pain become healing after a relationship comes to an end.

simply K-POP
ERIC NAM - Potion

Transforming into a sophisticated and sexy man with unexpected charms,ERIC NAM returned with his 3rd mini-album "Honestly."

Bringing Latin sounds to the stage, "Potion" is a song that shows ERIC NAM's hard work and transformation with a style he's never presented before.

simply K-POP

Showing amazing improvement with each album release, PENTAGON brought honest, light, and witty music with their new 6th mini-album "Positive."

With a memorable piano riff, the title song "Shine" describes the honest feelings of a person who has a crush, but no confidence to confess.

simply K-POP

Completing their first Europe tour since debut, HALO returned with a manlier and sophisticated image with their new digital single "O.M.G."

O.M.G" is a song with exquisite rhythm and melody that compares the betrayal of love to a dead-end.

simply K-POP
IMFACT - The Light

Now in their 3rd year since debut, IMFACT returned to show a new concept, new genre, and new performance through "The Light."

"The Light" is a song of the drum and bass genre with dynamic rhythm and is about how love and dreams shine when further away.

simply K-POP
THE BOYZ - Giddy Up

Being spotlighted with a prince charming concept, the 12-member boy group THE BOYZ made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album "THE START."

As a refreshing dance song of the funky pop genre, "Giddy Up" has a modernized melody with lyrics filled with passion to keep on going.

simply K-POP
IN2IT - SnapShot

After debuting in October of 2017, IN2IT returned with even more stylish music and manly charms with their new album "SNAPSHOT."

As a mysterious synth-pop song from start to finish, "SnapShot" aurally paints a model walking down a runway with a voguing performance to perfect it.

simply K-POP
HyeongSeop X EuiWoong - Love Tint

With determination to blossom beautifully in the near future despite the instability of youth, HyeongSeop X EuiWoong released their 2nd special album.

Starting off with a modern piano melody and jumping into tropical house beats, "Love Tint" is about the fresh and cozy feelings of a boy in love.

simply K-POP
FAVORITE - Where are you from?

Ten months into their debut, the girl group FAVORITE made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album "Where are you from?"

Full of FAVORITE's cute and unique colors, "Where are you from?" is about the heart-fluttering and dreamy feelings of meeting a wonderful person.

simply K-POP
14U - Dooroo Dooroo

With as many different charms as ice cream flavors, 14U is a new rookie boy group with 14 members that debuted in July of 2017.

As a song of the synth pop genre with house rhythm, "Dooroo Dooroo" expresses the feelings you get when you start liking someone in 14U's unique way.

simply K-POP
H.U.B - When A Blossom Day Of Cherry Blossom

Returning with a new members after a year hiatus, H.U.B unveiled their new transformation with the song, "When A Blossom Day of Cherry Blossom."

As a R&B pop ballad song, "When A Blossom Day of Cherry Blossom" is about the start and end of a relationship with the newly blooming flowers each spring.

simply K-POP

NOIR is a 9-member rookie group that's ready to show all their colors, which when combined form the color black, like the group's name in French.

"GANGSTA" is an electronic dance song of the moombahton genre about a boy who wants to wittily capture a girl's heart.

simply K-POP
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