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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

* Date : 2018-04-13

Simply K-Pop Ep. 307
HOYA - All Eyes On Me

Taking on the solo challenge, HOYA released his 1st solo mini-album "Shower," filling it with honest stories of himself.

"All Eyes On Me" is a title song that is strong all around with hip-hop beats and a powerful choreography, perfected with emotional visuals.

simply K-POP
MONSTA X - Jealousy

Loved by fans around the globe, MONSTA X brought a good mix of soft and powerful charms with their 6th mini-album "The Connect."

Expressed with MONSTA X's unique colors, "The Connect" is about a man who honestly shows his jealous feelings about the one he likes.

simply K-POP
CLC – Black Dress

Raising anticipation with each album concept and genre, CLC returned with matured charms with their 7th mini-album, "Black Dress."

With a strong melody, CLC's title song "Black Dress" is about a woman who uses a black dress to seduce someone.

simply K-POP

Coming back as 10 with member Woo-shin's return, UP10TION invited everyone to a new fantasy world with their 1st full-length album "INVITATION."

Overflowing with energy and power, "CANDYLAND" is about giving an invitation to a world that was created for just two people.

simply K-POP

Showing amazing improvement with each album release, PENTAGON brought honest, light, and witty music in their new 6th mini-album "Positive."

With a memorable piano riff, the title song "Shine" describes the honest feelings of a person who has a crush, but no confidence to confess.

simply K-POP
APRIL – The Blue Bird

As a group that's had a variety of concepts since their debut, APRIL returned with their 5th mini-album "The Blue" just in time for spring.

The title song "The Blue Bird" describes the feeling of having a crush and the longing to become that person's blue bird.

simply K-POP

Known to the public for their exceptional rapping skills and music talent, Flowsik and Jessi returned to the stage with a collaboration album.

Influenced by Flowsik and Jessi's cross cultured background, "ALL I NEED" is a hip-hop track with refreshing rhythm that holds stories that can be told at any place, at any time.

simply K-POP
HyeongSeop X EuiWoong - Love Tint

With determination to blossom beautifully in the near future despite the instability of youth, HyeongSeop X EuiWoong released their 2nd special album.

Starting off with a modern piano melody and jumping into tropical house beats, "Love Tint" is about the fresh and cozy feelings of a boy in love.

simply K-POP
Gavy NJ - People said, Break it up

Expressing the broken hearts of those living in the current generation, 3-member vocal group, Gavy NJ returned with another emotional ballad.

With member Gun-ji participating in the lyric-writing, "People said, Break it up" is a slow tempo ballad that expresses sadness with a quiet and restrained melody.

simply K-POP
Stray Kids - District 9

As a rookie group spotlighted by overseas media as a new K-Pop artist to watch out for in 2018, Stray Kids finally made their long-awaited debut.

Describing Stray Kids' unique hideout, "District 9" is about how the new group is ready to turn any place upside down with their music and charms.

simply K-POP
NARA - Jealousy

Despite her group ASHA's hiatus, Nara continued to work hard without resting to return to the stage as a soloist with a charming voice.

With funky and groovy sounds, "Jealousy" is about ignoring the jealousy of women and the temptation of men and just enjoying the moment together.

simply K-POP

Named after a flower with the meaning "Temptation," MARMELLO is a band consisting of school friends who are ready to seduce the audience.

"Wake Me Up" is a bright song with exciting rhythm and refreshing rock sounds, created with MARMELLO's band performance.

simply K-POP

Spotlighted as the trot goddess of the new generation, SEOL HAYOON made a comeback with her single album "RING MY HEART."

As a remake of trot group LPG's "Love Bell, "RING MY HEART" is a song that lives up to the original with SEOL HAYOON's own unique color.

simply K-POP
AZM - Edge

With a name meaning "A to Z Music," AZM is a rookie group, who debuted ready to pull of diverse music genres.

Of the sophisticated electro genre, "Edge" is a refreshing song that allows listeners to feel the uniqueness of each of the members.

simply K-POP
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