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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

* Date : 2017-03-17

Simply K-Pop Ep 256 Line-up

Following the fierceness of "I'll Be Your Man" in 2016, BTOB returned with complete opposite charms in their 11th mini-album, "Feel'eM."

Written by member Il-hoon, "MOVIE" is about a man who promises to love like they do in every other romantic movie.


Successfully completing their school series, GFRIEND dropped their 4th mini-album "THE AWAKENING," starting a new chapter.

Showing GFRIEND's growth, "FINGERTIP" expresses the way independent girls control the hearts of the ones they love.

JOOHEE – She's Mine

After being active as 8eight, JOOHEE returned to fans with her 1st solo EP, "Psychotherapy," after ten years.

With lyrics written by JOOHEE and 8eight member Baek Chan, "She's Mine" expresses the struggle between reason and emotions.

Block B
Lovelyz – Cameo

Loved since their 2014 debut, Lovelyz came back to fans after 10 months, unveiling their 2nd full-length album "R U Ready?"

"Cameo" is about a girl who feels like she's going back and forth from being the main star to a supporting actress in a movie due to her crush.

Lovelyz – WoW!

Painting new colors, "WoW!" carries Lovelyz's trademark cute and fresh charms with a mix of a retro melody and synthesizer sounds.


Receiving lots of love since 2016, SF9 made an energetic comeback with their 1st mini-album, "Burning Sensation."

With a dynamic performance reminiscent of cars, "ROAR" is about not wasting away youth and revving up to find your true dreams.

Brave Girls – Rollin'

With a change in the number of members, Brave Girls revealed their 4th mini-album "Rollin'" with new colors and charms.

The title song "Rollin'" is an uptempo EDM song of the tropical house genre with addictive lyrics.


Gathering much attention after their 2016 debut, VICTON made an upgraded transformation, returning with their 2nd mini-album.

The title song, "EYEZ EYEZ" has realistic lyrics and a complex and addictive melody that pops with a unique performance.

gugudan – A Girl Like Me

After showing their hopeful and dream-filled view of the world last summer, gugudan returned with their 2nd mini-album, "Act.2 Narcissus."

With an addictive melody, "A Girl Like Me" is about a girl who actively tries to attract the boy that she's heads over heels for.


Gaining much attention after the release of their 1st mini-album "Strange", MASC returned with a new song after six months.

With strong electric guitar sounds, "Tina" is about overlooking a lover's obvious calculations about their relationship.

DAY6 – How Can I Say

Acknowledged as a talented band, DAY6 has been new member-composed songs every month in 2017 through the "Every DAY6 Project."

Part of the March release, "How Can I Say" is about feeling frustrated and apologetic after realizing you don't love your significant other anymore.

VAV – Venus

With the addition of a new member, VAV returned to fans, stronger than ever in everything from performance to rap.

"Venus" is about wanting to forget all worries and spend a night with a special someone, dancing and having fun.

H.U.B – Girl Gang

Fluent in languages and talented in songwriting, lyric writing, and even instrument playing, H.U.B officially made their debut.

"Girl Gang" expresses the desire to find an amazing person to dance with for a day and to show a new kind of charm.

CRA'BEAT – Out of honey

After their 1st single promotions in 2016, CRA'BEAT returned with self-composed songs in their 2nd single album "From Head to Toe."

As funky style song, "Out of honey" draws out the image of eyes dripping with honey when looking at the person you love.

Seven O'Clock – ECHO

Hoping to bring happiness at the start and end of the day at 7 O'clock, the 6-member boy group Seven O'Clock made their debut.

With the rhythm of pungmul, "ECHO" is about wanting to stay near each other and lean on each other for support.

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