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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 (Korea 17:05) KST

* Date : 2017-02-17

Simply K-Pop Ep 252 Line-up
Huh Gak – Miss You

Always showcasing calm ballads that everyone can relate to, Huh Gak broke his hiatus of a year and 2 months with more sophisticated music.

"Miss You" compares the feelings of missing a past lover with an empty shot glass that never fills up no matter how hard he tries.

Block B
CLC – Hobgoblin

Loved during "No Oh Oh", CLC dropped their 5th mini-album "CRYSTYLE", making a huge transformation with matured charisma.

With Hyun A participating in the songwriting process, "Hobgoblin" is about a female hobgoblin who directly allures a significant other.

NCT 127 – Limitless

After debuting in July of 2016, NCT 127 returned as 9 members with Johnny and Do-young, bringing back high-quality music and stages.

Of the urban R&B genre, "Limitless" is about NCT's future and hopes, decorated with the unique rap and singing styles of the members.

April – April Story

With the addition of new members, April made a mature comeback, singing about the feelings of love in their 3rd mini-album "Prelude".

"April Story" is a beautiful love song about the pure and innocent feelings of a one-sided crush that anyone can relate to.

SONAMOO – I Think I Love U

After showing their loveliness last summer, SONAMOO returned after 6 months with their 1st single album, "I Think I Love U".

Starting out with a cheerful tune, "I Think I Love U" is about a strong and confident girl and the confusing feelings of love.

B.I.G – 1.2.3

After carrying out "APHRODITE" promotions in May of 2016, B.I.G returned after 9 months to fans with their new single "1.2.3".

Full of B.I.G's manly charms, "1.2.3" refreshingly expresses a man's burning passion after falling in love with a woman a first glance.

Shin Ji Hoon –You are a star already

Proving her skills as a singer-songwriter, Shin Ji Hoon returned with another self-composed song, "You are a star already".

"You are a star already" is a song that cheered her up while walking along a beach at night, burnt out from everyday life.


Acknowledged as musicians ahead of their debut, VROMANCE made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album "ROMANCE".

Full of VROMANCE's captivating voices, "I'm Fine" is about a man letting go of a past lover and convincing himself that he's okay.

MASC – Tina

Gaining much attention after the release of their 1st mini-album "Strange", MASC returned with a new song after six months.

With strong electric guitar sounds, "Tina" is about overlooking a lover's obvious calculations about their relationship.

DreamCatcher – Chase Me

Newly debuted, the DreamCatcher members will show unexpected charms, becoming nightmares to draw out a story of dreams.

With rock sounds and an addicting chorus, "Chase Me" creates the image of a dreamcatcher, ready to chase bad dreams away.

I – I wish

Known as B1A4 Baro's younger sister ahead of her debut, I finally debuted as a soloist after 6 long years of training.

"I wish" is a song about I, who dreamt of becoming a singer and worked her way to become one with determination.

TopSecret – She

After being active in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and more before debut, TopSecret finally made their debut with their 1st mini-album "Time's Up".

As a funky and exciting dance song "She" is about finding someone's inner beauty more attractive that what's seen on the outside.

H.U.B – Girl Gang

Fluent in languages and talented in songwriting, lyric writing, and even instrument playing, H.U.B officially made their debut.

"Girl Gang" expresses the desire to find an amazing person to dance with for a day and to show a new kind of charm.

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