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* Date : 2017-03-20

A leap to become an international architecture firm with a centennial history!
Lim Jin-woo, the CEO of Junglim Architecture

On The INNERview, we sit down with Lim Jin-woo, the CEO of Junglim Architecture, which ranked 16th place on the World Architecture Top 100 list of British magazine "Building Design" and came in 1st place in Korea.

Junglim Architecture was founded by two brothers Kim Jung-chul and Kim Jung-shik, and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. This firm is readying itself to become an international architecture firm with a hundred year history.

CEO Lim Jin-woo has been with Junglim Architecture for 30 years and he considers himself a true 'Junglim person' and is very passionate about the company.

Before becoming the CEO, he was active as an architect and has worked on several hospital projects, designed and constructed many headquarters of companies, and constructed churches. He is thinking in-depth about architecture which is a part of our lives, and the social commitments an architect should have.

"There is a saying which goes "Man makes buildings and architecture, but buildings create people." Like that saying, we create spaces which become more mature when mankind adapt to them."

CEO Lim Jin-woo is armed with a mission to create healthy spaces and society where we live in harmony. Learn more about his principles and ideas on The INNERview.

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