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World Ch. Schedule : WED 09:05 KST

* Date : 2019-01-09

Before Sunrise

"This time around the world is only possible in Korea
"If you do not drink, there is too much to enjoy"
"It was the best experience since I came to Korea"

Can I change my hairstyle at the salon at 1 am? Can I enjoy a dinner on the street at 3 am? How about a night fishing without going out to the dark night sea? Naturally it is impossible in most countries. Only in Korea.

Arirang Prime introduces various nightlife in Korea through the eyes of popular foreigners "You Tubers" who live in Korea.

The document, titled "Before Sunrise", is a feature of the omnibus tour that goes on at night, and is composed of two of the hottest issues between Koreans and foreigners in recent years Korea.

The first is the popular foreign "You Tubers" in the Korean online world. These online broadcasting workers live in Korea and broadcast the culture, history, food, customs, and scenery of Korea with a unique gentile perspective. Their on-line broadcasts include a 'look of South Korea that Koreans have not seen' with a completely differentiated perspective from the existing Korean-oriented media.

The second is the Korean nightlife. When the sun goes down, there is nothing impossible. Rather, it is a country that becomes more exciting, delicious, and hot when the sun sets, and therefore night is a unique cultural space that exists only in Korea. I would like to introduce Korea's funny night, which is more fun than simple drinking and enjoyment.

"Before Sunrise", where six of my foreign YouTube stars are cast, there are three teams of two. They enjoy a variety of Korean nightlife from Hongdae Street, Dongdaemun, and Busan until the sunrise from 0:00 am to the following morning. They all go to bed time. "Goodnight" instead of "hello" greetings with those who start the night missions! It introduces the true charm of Korea to audiences around the world today, which has not been introduced in any tourism booklet. In addition, a true interview with a deep night cast is also an important point of the "Before Sunrise". It is the hidden charm and merit of Korea that they have lived and felt in Korea, and the happiness that they live by living as a "You-tuber".

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