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* Date : 2018-12-05

The Land of Peace Autumn in Gyeonggi-do

Cast: Alasusu, Xiaoyezi, Nighla, and Liuhanouni

The coolest place to visit in Korea nowadays!

The Chinese "Kings of Tour" are visiting South Korea!
They are starting on a journey to "Gyeonggi-do, the Land of Peace and Security on the Korean Peninsula" And this is one of the places in Korea that you must see before you die.
From Panmunjum where the inter-Korean summit was held and the world's spotlight has been cast on, to Imjingak Pyeonghoa-Nuri Park (also called Nuri Peace Park) that symbolizes peace on the Korean Peninsula!

The 10-day itinerary will be all about finding peace and security in the province, visiting various cities in Gyeonggi-do including Yeoncheon, Paju, Yongin, Gimpo, Anseong, and Goyang

Another reason why this trip is so special: one of the most prominent Wanghongs (网红, Chinese online influencers) named Alasusu who has 8 million followers as no.1 travel blogger in China will also join this trip to wish for peace in Northeast Asia.

South Korea is now turning itself from the only divided country in the world to a pivotal location that will bring about peace to the entire globe.
Going beyond the grudges of war and confrontations to go forward towards the future of harmonization, "2018 Trip to Gyeonggi-do for Peace and Security" is now beginning! Don't go anywhere, stay tuned!

Inter Korean SummitInter Korean SummitInter Korean Summit
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