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* Date : 2018-09-08

Exciting! Gangwon Province

Season of passion, Summer! Famous social media stars in China visited Korea!
Recording total 900 million views on Weibo in 2016, one of the 2018 Forbes China ‘30 under the age of 30 elite’, China’s travel star blogger Suphy liu!
China’s power blogger boasting 610,000 followers, Nicole Li!
Travel and book creator, little pottery Vicky Zhang
And finally, China’s travel blogger with a number of enthusiastic fans, Xesyes!
China’s social media stars visited Korea’s representative summer vacation spot, Gangwon Province.
Four stars traveling Goseong, Yangyang, Gangneung, Donghae, and Samcheok in Gangwon Province.
Land of Peace! What’s the charm of Gangwon Province, the place with beautiful nature?
Check it out now.

Inter Korean Summit
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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
619 2018-09-23 [2018 INTER-KOREAN SUMMIT PYEONGYANG] Peace and prosperity
618 2018-09-22 [2018 INTER-KOREAN SUMMIT PYEONGYANG] 2018: the Year of Peace
617 2018-09-20 [2018 INTER-KOREAN SUMMIT PYEONGYANG] Toward Peace Part.2
616 2018-09-17 [2018 INTER-KOREAN SUMMIT PYEONGYANG] Toward Peace Part.1
615 2018-09-16 The Outlook for 3 Days in Pyeongyang V
614 2018-09-15 Exciting Gangwondo Part.2 V
613 2018-09-14 Arirang Radio's 15th Anniversary Concert V
612 2018-09-08 Exciting Gangwondo V
611 2018-08-25 When the day comes... V
610 2018-08-04 2018 Asia Model Festival 'Face of Asia' Part.2
609 2018-07-28 2018 Asia Model Festival 'Face of Asia' Part.1 V
608 2018-07-06 Jeju Forum - Cooperation for Peace in Northeast Asia V
607 2018-06-18 [ North Korea-US summit ] The Roller coaster: Following the 47 Days V
606 2018-06-16 [The INNERview with the Middlemen] Exclusive Interview - Dennis Rodman V
605 2018-06-13 [North Korea-US summit] N.Korea-U.S. Summit Highlight V
604 2018-06-11 [North Korea-US landmark summit] The Negotiators V
603 2018-06-08 [North Korea-US landmark summit] Wind of Change V
602 2018-06-04 Sticking Points in N.Korea-U.S. Nuclear Talks V
601 2018-05-21 A Road to Peace [ What to Expect from S. Korea-U.S Summits ] V
600 2018-05-14 A Road to Peace [Seoul-Tokyo-Beijing Summit: Towards Denuclearization] V
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