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World Ch. Schedule : MON to SAT 15:00  KST

* Date : 2018-05-12

★ On Scene ★
"Wok of Love"

The new TV series "Wok of Love" is in the spotlight even before its airing because of its lead actors Jung Ryeo-won, Jang Hyuk and Lee Jun-ho. The background of this drama is a Chinese restaurant and it shows the chaotic state of the kitchen. The romance between the three people is hotter than a heated wok and this rom-com drama is bound to whet your appetites!

[Ji Hyun-woo]

Actor Ji Hyun-woo captivated many older ladies as the handsome and attractive younger guy and now, he is back on the silver screen after a long hiatus of 7 years. Along with his long-awaited comeback, many have been keeping an eye on his acting transformation. I sat down with Ji Hyun-woo at the press premiere of his new film "True Fiction," so let's now find out more about Ji Hyun-woo, his new film and his comeback production.


We have a new film by Korea's acclaimed director Lee Chang-dong. It is finally revealed to the public 8 years after his 2010 movie "Poetry." It's the new movie "BURNING" based on the short story "Barn Burning" written by Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami.

[Seo Young-ju]

There is a rising star who stunned many with his rich performance in the movies "The Age of Shadows," "A Frozen Flower," "Moebius," "Juvenile Offender" and others. It's actor Seo Young-ju who shows off his passionate acting in films, dramas and plays. He started out as a child actor and has 9 years of experience under his belt so find out what Seo Young-ju is like, hear his surprise phone call with an A-list star and learn all there is to know about this handsome star. We'll begin our special one-on-one with Seo Young-ju right now~

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