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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

* Date : 2017-03-21

GOT7 (Never Ever)

This is the lead track of "FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL." It's a trendy hip hop song with a powerful future sound. They illustrate a story of finding true love and promising her eternal love.

What's the buzz
UP10TION (White Night)

This is the lead track of UP10TION's fifth mini album, "BURST." It's a future bass song with diverse synth sounds and rhythms. It describes youth, a time when people are most passionate and experience hardships, and UP10TION deliver powerful and mind-blowing performances with this song.

Block B
K-pop Hot Spot

This is the lead track of B.A.P's sixth single record, "ROSE." It's a well-made song with an addictive guitar riff and synth sound. A red rose is used figuratively to tell the listeners to awaken their inner soul, which is oppressed by society, so that they can seek and find the true value and meaning of life.

K.A.R.D (Don't Recall)

This is K.A.R.D's second project single. It's an EDM track in dancehall style. It tells a story of a couple who are having a difficult time after their passionate relationship comes to an end. The powerful drum beat that contrasts with the heart-rending storyline makes the song sound even more sorrowful.

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1101 2017-11-24 Pops in Seoul Ep.3561 [ Wanna One/Yoon Jong-shin & Minseo/G.URBAN/SONAMOO ]
1100 2017-11-23 Pops in Seoul Ep.3560 [ gugudan/DAY6 ] V
1099 2017-11-22 Pops in Seoul Ep.3559 [ Block B/VAV/Park Won & Suzy/DIA/Shinhwa ] V
1098 2017-11-21 Pops in Seoul Ep.3558 [ MONSTA X/BTS/TWICE/iKON ] V
1097 2017-11-20 Pops in Seoul Ep.3557 [ SONAMOO/Urban Zakapa/EXID/B1A4 ] V
1096 2017-11-17 Pops in Seoul Ep.3556 [ VICTON/TWICE/Yang Song-hee/BTS ] V
1095 2017-11-16 Pops in Seoul Ep.3555 [ EXID/JBJ ] V
1094 2017-11-15 Pops in Seoul Ep.3554 [ Super Junior/Icia/SEVENTEEN/iKON/Bolbbalgan4 ] V
1093 2017-11-14 Pops in Seoul Ep.3553 [ Sung Si-kyung/MASC/Taemin/Samuel ] V
1092 2017-11-13 Pops in Seoul Ep.3552 [ SEVENTEEN/VAV/DIA/NU'EST ] V
1091 2017-11-10 Pops in Seoul Ep.3551 [ Heyne & Minsoo/VOISPER/PSY] V
1090 2017-11-09 Pops in Seoul Ep.3550 [ ASTRO/Wanna One ] V
1089 2017-11-08 Pops in Seoul Ep.3549 [ Chunji X Eunha/TRCNG/TAEMIN/VIXX LR/BIGBANG ] V
1088 2017-11-07 Pops in Seoul Ep.3548 [ Kim Kyung-rok/Minah/NU'EST/BTOB] V
1087 2017-11-06 Pops in Seoul Ep.3547 [ Yuju X Jihoo/IN2IT/Taemin/EXO ] V
1086 2017-11-03 Pops in Seoul Ep.3546 [ Lim Chang-jung/Gavy NJ/PENTAGON ] V
1085 2017-11-02 Pops in Seoul Ep.3545 [ TWICE/RAINZ ] V
1084 2017-11-01 Pops in Seoul Ep.3544 [ Parc Jae-jung/PungDengE/Apink/GFRIEND/SECHSKIES] V
1083 2017-10-31 Pops in Seoul Ep.3543 [ 4MEN/MYTEEN/JBJ/Heize ] V
1082 2017-10-30 Pops in Seoul Ep.3542 [ Epik High/O.WHEN/BTOB/Wanna One ] V
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