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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

* Date : 2017-03-20

Jung Key (Anymore)

This is the lead track of Jung Key's single record titled "EMPTY." This song describes how a romantic relationship can shatter when it starts to become a burden. The music progressively sounds more dramatic and emotional, which seems to capture the emotions that a couple goes through when they are about to call it quits.

Park Bo-ram
So Hot Clips
Highlight (It's Still Beautiful)

This is a ballad song with a simple piano melody that reveals Highlight's unique vocal color. It tells a story about the beauty of true love, and broken romantic relationships are described in a calm manner.

Block B
Show Stoppers

This is the title track of GFRIEND's latest mini album. This song portrays young women who experience love for the first time. Compared to their previous songs that centered on growing pains and emphasized their identity as a music group, they will be presenting love stories of girls who are blossoming into young women.

Seohyun (Don't Say No)

This is the title track of Seohyun's first solo mini album. It's an R&B pop dance song with a fantastic combination of a funky piano melody, exquisite R&B harmony and alluring vocals. It describes a woman who has difficulty moving on after a breakup, and many of the listeners will be able to relate to the story.

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927 2017-03-27 Pops in Seoul Ep.3387
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925 2017-03-23 Pops in Seoul Ep.3385 V
924 2017-03-22 Pops in Seoul Ep.3384 V
923 2017-03-21 Pops in Seoul Ep.3383 V
922 2017-03-20 Pops in Seoul Ep.3382 V
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920 2017-03-16 Pops in Seoul Ep.3380 V
919 2017-03-15 Pops in Seoul Ep.3379 V
918 2017-03-14 Pops in Seoul Ep.3378 V
917 2017-03-13 Pops in Seoul Ep.3377 V
916 2017-03-10 Pops in Seoul Ep.3376 V
915 2017-03-09 Pops in Seoul Ep.3375 V
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910 2017-03-02 Pops in Seoul Ep.3370 V
909 2017-03-01 Pops in Seoul Ep.3369 V
908 2017-02-28 Pops in Seoul Ep.3368 V
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