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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

* Date : 2017-02-17

J.Y. Park
B.I.G (1.2.3)

This is the lead track of B.I.G's digital single record, "B.I.G Rebirth." It has a combination of heavy drum and bass sounds that contrast with an upbeat string melody and funky sound. It centers on a man, who wants to be with the woman whom he has fallen in love with at first sight.

J.Y. Park

Written by Park Kyung, "YESTERDAY" is an alternative punk song with a shuffle rhythm. The catchy lyrics describe a guy, who feels anxious and worried because his girlfriend acts dumb whenever he confronts her for what she did wrong.

Live Attack
BINBLOW (Nothing Without You)


Live Attack (2)


MIXX (Love Is a Sudden)

This is the title track of MIXX's second single record. It describes five girls who have fallen in love for the very first time and who make bold confessions even though they are shy. The members will entice you with their innocence and cuteness in the music video.

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904 2017-02-22 Pops in Seoul Ep.3364
903 2017-02-21 Pops in Seoul Ep.3363 V
902 2017-02-20 Pops in Seoul Ep.3362 V
901 2017-02-17 Pops in Seoul Ep.3361 V
900 2017-02-16 Pops in Seoul Ep.3360 V
899 2017-02-15 Pops in Seoul Ep.3359 V
898 2017-02-14 Pops in Seoul Ep.3358 V
897 2017-02-13 Pops in Seoul Ep.3357 V
896 2017-02-10 Pops in Seoul Ep.3356 V
895 2017-02-09 Pops in Seoul Ep.3355 V
894 2017-02-08 Pops in Seoul Ep.3354 V
893 2017-02-07 Pops in Seoul Ep.3353 V
892 2017-02-06 Pops in Seoul Ep.3352 V
891 2017-02-03 Pops in Seoul Ep.3351 V
890 2017-02-02 Pops in Seoul Ep.3350 V
889 2017-02-01 Pops in Seoul Ep.3349 V
888 2017-01-31 Pops in Seoul Ep.3348 V
887 2017-01-30 Pops in Seoul Ep.3347 V
886 2017-01-27 Pops in Seoul Ep.3346 V
885 2017-01-26 Pops in Seoul Ep.3345 V
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