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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

* Date : 2017-02-16

David Oh
Zion.T (The Song)

This is the lead track of Zion.T's studio album, "OO." Zion.T wrote this song, imagining how he'd feel if everyone saw the content of his journal. He expresses his ironic desire to not be famous, but to be loved by many people at the same time.

Rookie Show
GOT7 (Hard Carry)

This is the lead track of GOT7's second studio album, "FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE." It's an EDM trap song with a powerful 808 bass and unique synth lead, while the powerful beat suits GOT7's image as a free-spirited group.


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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
947 2017-04-24 Pops in Seoul Ep.3406 [EXID / Apink / WINNER]
946 2017-04-21 Pops in Seoul Ep.3405 [Jeong Eun-ji/Peter Han/SEVENTEEN] V
945 2017-04-20 Pops in Seoul Ep.3404 [Ten/UNIT BLACK] V
944 2017-04-19 Pops in Seoul Ep.3403 [DAY6/VAV/SHINee/GFRIEND] V
943 2017-04-18 Pops in Seoul Ep.3403 [TEEN TOP/TWICE/Taeyeon/SF9] V
942 2017-04-17 Pops in Seoul Ep.3402 [Gaeko/EXID/Lena Park/MOMOLAND] V
941 2017-04-14 Pops in Seoul Ep.3401 V
940 2017-04-13 Pops in Seoul Ep.3400 V
939 2017-04-12 Pops in Seoul Ep.3399 V
938 2017-04-11 Pops in Seoul Ep.3398 V
937 2017-04-10 Pops in Seoul Ep.3397 V
936 2017-04-07 Pops in Seoul Ep.3396 V
935 2017-04-06 Pops in Seoul Ep.3395 V
934 2017-04-05 Pops in Seoul Ep.3394 V
933 2017-04-04 Pops in Seoul Ep.3393 V
932 2017-04-03 Pops in Seoul Ep.3392 V
931 2017-03-31 Pops in Seoul Ep.3391 V
930 2017-03-30 Pops in Seoul Ep.3390 V
929 2017-03-29 Pops in Seoul Ep.3389 V
928 2017-03-28 Pops in Seoul Ep.3388 V
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