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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

* Date : 2017-01-11

Hong Dae-kwang
Lee Joon-gi (NOW)

This is the lead track of Lee Joon-gi's single record titled "THANK YOU." It has electronic and rock sounds that fuse together perfectly. The repetitive chorus and powerful sound will delight your ears. In the song, Lee Joon-gi says that he wants to remember this moment forever.

U Sung-eun
Pick & Talk

This song describes a confident woman who knows how to enjoy life. The intense sound and powerful rap pair nicely with the lyrics, and the addictive hook makes this song quite memorable.

Bias fanatic
ASTRO (Confession)

This is the lead track of ASTRO's third mini album, "Autumn Story." It's a pop dance song about a girl who is attracted to a bad guy and six guys who want to confess their feelings to her. The members of ASTRO portray shy yet masculine guys in the music video.

Red Velvet
Crayon Pop (DooDoomChit)

This is the lead track of Crayon Pop's first album, "Evolution Pop_Vol. 1." It has a great mix of brass sounds in retro and disco styles, and has a catchy chorus that incorporates the latest buzzword, "Doodoomchit." You will be wowed by their cute and addictive dance performance in the music video.


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