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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

* Date : 2017-01-09


This is the title track of SHINHWA's 13th studio album, "13TH UNCHANGING – TOUCH." It's a future bass song with a catchy melody and ear-grabbing vocals. It describes the regrets and heartaches of a former couple who are unable to move on, and the heart-rending story is expected to resonate with a lot of the listeners.

Park Bo-ram
So Hot Clips

This is the lead track of AKMU's full-length album, "Adolescence: Part 2." In this album consisting stories of AKMU's growing pains, "LAST GOODBYE" is about having new realizations and developing a better understanding of life. They say that memories from the past are valuable and beautiful, no matter how painful they may be.

Block B
Show Stoppers
LUNAFLY (This Isn't You)

Kim Na-young deviated from her signature sound, which could be described as authentic pop ballad music, with this song in Brit pop style. It has a powerful guitar sound and Written by LUNAFLY themselves, "This Isn't You" has a lyrical melody and tells a heart-rending story of a couple who intuitively know they cannot stay together. This is their first-ever ballad song, and it'll tug at your heartstrings without a doubt.

OH MY GIRL (Listen to My Word (A-ing) (feat. Skull & Haha))

This is the title track of OH MY GIRL's special summer album. This is a remake song with an upbeat reggae rhythm, simple melody line, hip hop beats and powerful sounds. The up-tempo melody, vibrant vocals and Mimi's powerful rap stand out.

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