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World Ch. Schedule : MON to FRI 09:30 KST

* Date : 2017-01-06

J.Y. Park
AOA (Excuse Me)

This is the lead track of AOA's first studio album, "ANGEL'S KNOCK." It's an old school dance song with a powerful drum beat and bass sound as well as a repetitive synth melody. It's about a girl who instantly falls for a guy she meets for the first time.

J.Y. Park


Live Attack
Ahn Ye-eun (Somehow)


Live Attack (2)
Ahn Ye-eun (Red Ties)


SHINee (Tell Me What to Do)

This is the lead track of SHINee's repackaged fifth album, "1 and 1." It's a medium-tempo emotional R&B song with trendy EDM elements. It's about a couple who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship and try to work it out by talking about it.

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884 2017-01-25 Pops in Seoul Ep.3344
883 2017-01-24 Pops in Seoul Ep.3343 V
882 2017-01-23 Pops in Seoul Ep.3342 V
881 2017-01-20 Pops in Seoul Ep.3341 V
880 2017-01-19 Pops in Seoul Ep.3340 V
879 2017-01-18 Pops in Seoul Ep.3339 V
878 2017-01-17 Pops in Seoul Ep.3338 V
877 2017-01-16 Pops in Seoul Ep.3337 V
876 2017-01-13 Pops in Seoul Ep.3336 V
875 2017-01-12 Pops in Seoul Ep.3335 V
874 2017-01-11 Pops in Seoul Ep.3334 V
873 2017-01-10 Pops in Seoul Ep.3333 V
872 2017-01-09 Pops in Seoul Ep.3332 V
871 2017-01-06 Pops in Seoul Ep.3331 V
870 2017-01-05 Pops in Seoul Ep.3330 V
869 2017-01-04 Pops in Seoul Ep.3329 V
868 2017-01-03 Pops in Seoul Ep.3328 V
867 2017-01-02 Pops in Seoul Ep.3327 V
866 2016-12-30 Pops in Seoul Ep.3326 V
865 2016-12-29 Pops in Seoul Ep.3325 V
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