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* Date : 2019-04-11

NOW Episode 41
Echoes of Unyielding Patriotic Grit

The local residents of Hwaseong in Gyeonggi-do Province gathered together at a middle school in Hyangnam-eup on a Saturday morning. A special taekwondo performance was staged to shed light on those who sacrificed their lives resisting against Japanese rule. Back in 1919, during a series of the Manse demonstrations (March 1st Movement) sparked by the one on March 1, many lives were destroyed, with people imprisoned, tortured and even killed for fighting for the independence of their country. In Jeam-ri, in particular, the local residents who had partaken in the demonstration were locked inside a local church, where they were then shot and burned to death. This horrific event occurred on April 15, 1919 and in remembrance of these patriotic martyrs, the local residents reenacted the March Demonstration, waving Taegeukgi (national flag of Korea) in black and white hanbok just like their predecessors. We take you on the scene to be part of the march that demonstrated the spirit of patriotism.

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Treasure Trove for Book Lovers
A massive warehouse next to Jamsilcheolgyo Bridge in Seoul had been disused until it was recently transformed into a used bookstore! It's none other than Seoul Chaek Bogo, the first public secondhand bookstore in Korea. Inside, there are 32 steel bookshelves along the central aisle that is supposed to depict a bookworm. There are a whopping 130,000 books that are waiting for new owners. These books are actually from around 25 used bookstores that still remain throughout the city and are sold by Seoul Chaek Bogo on consignment for a fee of 10% of the sales price. They are super-affordable and customers leave content, having received huge discounts off the original retail price! Not only that, there are also rare books that were published 40 to 50 years ago and trigger nostalgia for some. We take you to Seoul Chaek Bogo, a treasure trove for book lovers!
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The Ultimate Spring Superfood
The long arm octopus, called "nakji" in Korean, is so rich in essential amino acids that people say it can even help a fatigued ox get up instantly. Spring lethargy affects many of us and if you are feeling fatigued, you should have some long arm octopuses to regain some energy and appetite. The long arm octopuses harvested from tidal flats are chewier than the ones caught from the sea using a trap, and they are considered more valuable because of the work put into them. Even a seasoned long arm octopus harvester must dig into a few spots in order to catch just one. There are many different ways to enjoy this precious sea creature ranging from nakji tangtangi (chopped raw long arm octopus) to yeonpotang (long arm octopus soup) and nakji horongi (seasoned long arm octopus skewer), but in Yeongam, Jeollanam-do Province, they offer a special delicacy prepared with beef ribs and long arm octopuses. Want to find out the best way to beat the spring fatigue? Then, join us on our culinary journey to Yeongam, Jeollanam-do Province to discover the ultimate spring seafood!
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