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* Date : 2019-03-07

NOW Episode 36
In Hanoi for 2019 DPRK-US Summit
8 months following the historic DPRK-USA Singapore Summit in 2018, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump met in Hanoi for further negotiations. The host city was buzzing with excitement, as the national flags of North Korea and the United States waved in the wind all over the streets. Everyone celebrated the landmark event in their own ways. There were summit-related merchandise that were selling like crazy including T-shirts with faces of the two leaders on them. One T-shirt shop owner said he'd use the proceeds to make a donation to North Korea. There was even a hair salon that offered the Kim Jong-un and Trump haircuts and it was jam-packed with customers. There was also a cocktail symbolizing the summit. Curious about what happened in Hanoi during the second DPRK-USA Summit? We take you there to find out!
Restaurants Well Worth the Wait
There are eateries where you have to wait at least an hour just to be seated, but their patrons all say that it's well worth the wait! Ikseon-dong is fast becoming one of the trendiest places in Seoul, and there is a souffle pancake shop that has captivated the taste buds of foodies with a sweet tooth. This place is so popular that there is a long queue even before they open for the day! There is also a jokbal (pigs' feet) restaurant that is considered one of the three best jokbal places in town, and a dakbokkeum-tang (braised spicy chicken) restaurant that's been around for five decades. A long wait is a must, but you are guaranteed to leave completely satisfied!
The "Hats of Joseon" with Mass Appeal
The Korean period drama, "Kingdom," released on an Internet media platform this past January, has been receiving rave reviews at home and abroad. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, it enthralled the audience with the elements of historical period drama, mystery thriller, and fantasy. Aside from the "zombies," there was something else that became the talk of the town, and it was the traditional Korean hat called "gat." When you look up "Kingdom hat" on social media sites, you will come across dozens of posts, with foreign viewers gushing about the captivating beauty and sheer variety of gat shown on the series. A wide range of gat can also be seen today at Gyeongbokgung Palace, a major tourist attraction in Seoul, where many of the tourists come wearing the traditional Korean clothing, hanbok. Inside the palace, there is the National Folk Museum of Korea providing insight into the rich history and culture of our country including traditional attire and gat. We will also take you to meet an artisan who has mastered the art of gat-making to see how the stunning traditional hats of Joseon are made.

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