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* Date : 2019-08-09

Money Monster Episode 62
Illuminations, LED performance that adds life to the performance.

Recently, LED has become an indispensable element of performance composition, and is used in various production methods. LED can enhance the artistic perfection of the work because of the energy efficiency, and the expression power and colors are better compared to existing halogen lighting. Because of such advantages, LEDs are widely used not only in lighting but also in stage structures, displays, and costumes, Among them, see-through LED, which audience are most attracted to, is a LED signboard specially made in the form of blind or mesh. It is unique in its translucency and features a three-dimensional spatial feeling that can only be seen on TV or a movie screen, and combines with a background image. LED and costumes have merged together to create a new digital costume platform. The figital costume build with LED can change colors of light by using a remote control and produce beautiful LED performance. Furthermore, LED performance evolves into a human-centered art, rather than a visual art using digital media! We explore the LED performance which gives merge feelings and technology to create the best effect.

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Overcoming Human Limitations, "Wearable Robots"

Korean wearable robots are on the rise! A wearable robot helps overcome the physical limitations of human beings. Recently, Korean researchers and companies focused on various applications and making efforts to commercialize the,. Robotics and engineering laboratory, have developed wearable robots to minimize fatigue in solders. Since then, wearable robots have been developed to improve the strength of the user's arms and are not engaged in improving utilization. The roots are attracting attention in the field of rehabilitation. In addition to enhancing the user's physical ability, adjustment can be made with motors and sensors, and treatment can be customized according to the condition of the patient. These robots have been introduced in hospitals to patients with paralysis and the elders. Also, a clothing type robot was developed. Existing wearable robots have a drawback in that they are heavy and expensive due to use of motors and air pressure. On the other hand, wearable robots that do not need motors were developed to use them in clothes. We look into a newly emerged industrial market that will lead the future robot industry.

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ICT Technology Creates "Smart Livestock"

Korean farming population has been declining, and the livestock sectors are suffering due to labor shortages. Also, there are various difficulties in predicting livestock diseases as well as creating a harsh housing environment. In the midst of such problems, advanced technology has been introduced to the livestock sector to increase productivity, one of which is a feed mixer. When a large amount of food has to be fed every day, a feed blender, which automatically cuts and mixed rice straws, and distributes the food to each animal, is more than convenient. So even without people on the farm, feeds can be distributed remotely through IT devices. In addition, the process of freshly processing livestock products is becoming more efficient due to technology. In factories where raw eggs are processed to produce raw products, most processes are automated, from washing and drying to ultraviolet sterilization. The machine can even screen small cracks that may be invisible to the naked eye. Moreover, VR for farmer education will be developed to help farmers build proper environment and cope with problems they are facing. This way, we report on problems faced by the livestock sector and learn more about "Smart Livestock."

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