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* Date : 2017-11-16

Episode 7. Buyeo and Gongju, Cities Where Baekje Dynasty's Spirits Dwell
◆Trip by Team Masters

Team Masters is off to Buyeo by referring to SNS postings. Its first stop is Baekje Cultural Land, where there is the first reproduction of a Baekje royal palace from the Three Kingdom period. Team Masters takes a travel back in time looking around the Baekje royal palace. After that, Team Masters decides to learn about Baekje more seriously. It goes to Baekje Historic Areas to explore the heritage from Baekje period and even tries making Baekje-style potteries.
Team Masters then visits Baekjewon, a hot spot in Buyeo, through searching SNS postings.
The team gets nostalgic for the 70's and 80's while looking at things with traces from that time.
Lastly, Team Masters has a taste of yeonnipbap (steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaves) with a touch of Baekje, an age-old dish, before wrapping up its trip.

◆Trip by Team Rookies

Team Rookies is off to Gongju using a travel guide map.
Team Rookies visits Goma Quay, a birthplace of Goma, which is what Gongju was formerly called, to learn about legends of Gongju.
Afterwards, it goes to Gongsanseong Fortress where Baekje's spirits are alive to peek at the culture from Baekje period.
Team Rookies then visits Gongju Hanok Village known for the hands-on traditional activities to make its own injeolmi (rice cakes coated with powdered soybeans) and even experiences the Korean traditional wedding.
Team Rookies learns from the travel guide map that Gongju is famous for its chestnuts.
The team gets to dishes made with chestnuts before wrapping up its trip.

◆Team Masters

1. Baekje Cultural Land
2. Baekje Historic Areas
3. Baekje Earthenware-Making Activity and Beakjewon
4. Yeonnipbap

◆Team Rookies

1. Goma Quay
2. Gongsanseong Fortress
3. Gongju Hanok Village
4. Natural Dyeing with Chestnuts and Chestnut Dishes

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