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* Date : 2018-01-25

InsideBiz Episode 44
Popularization of innovative OLED industry
The display industry has faced a paradigm shift along with the rise of OLED displays. The domestic OLED technology has a dominant presence in the global OLED market, taking about 98% of the total market share. The advanced color reproduction capability has been applied to the media art industry and used as an effective marketing strategy. Also, the flexible OLED displays which can be curved or bent, have strengthened its position in the field by bringing about innovative changes. On Smart Korea, we explore the ongoing development of the OLED industry, which has become a key driving force for the premium market.
Rise of placebo consumption
A new consumption trend that can meet the psychological satisfaction of the consumers, has grabbed a lot of attention in 2018. Consumers in the modern society have preferred the consumption method that can help them relieve stress and escape from the intensified competition. And it has led to the rise of placebo consumption. A lot of consumers don't hesitate to spend money for their psychological satisfaction, for the diversified goods they like and small items that they can gain a feeling of happiness. On Trend Biz, we look into the rise of placebo consumption as an emerging consumption pattern.
Decreasing number of offline banks
Along with the development of digital banking services, the growing number of banks have closed their offline branches and decided on personnel reduction because of their worsening profitabilities. As part of an effort to tackle the challenges, the domestic banks have provided expanded non-face-to-face services through smart automated teller machines and promoted diversified strategies by cooperating with conveniences stores and cafes. On Biz Issue, we introduce the ongoing efforts made by the domestic banks to deal with the decreasing number of offline branches.
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