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* Date : 2017-12-14

InsideBiz Episode 38
Rise of portable medical & healthcare devices

Along with the growing interest in health, a lot of medical and healthcare devices have had a great impact on people’s daily lives. A variety of portable medical and healthcare devices, which have improved flexibility and portability, have been developed. There is a thermometer that can be attached to the body and it enables the measurement of body temperature 24 hours through smartphone. And people can get remote medical treatment by using a portable medical imaging device at home. Also, a newly developed portable ultrasound scanner has been widely used in hospitals. On Smart Korea, we look into the rise of portable medical and healthcare devices which have paved a new path for the domestic medical sector.

Rapid growth of the dessert market

The dessert industry has recently emerged as an enticing market along with the growing popularity of a variety of desserts among the younger generation on SNS. Along with the rise of small indulgences or small luxuries amid the economic recession, an increasing number of people look for various kinds of unique desserts. Also, a lot of people have shown great interest in starting their own dessert cafes, along with the growth of the dessert market as a new cultural trend. A variety of different desserts including the premium desserts and vegan desserts have gained a lot of popularity. On Trend and Issue, we explore the ongoing trends in the domestic dessert market and the outlook for the industry.

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