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178 2018-07-17 Ep. 178 Soon-ae Baek, who is dominating NYC with ballet exercise which anyone can easily learn via a mobile appliance
177 2018-07-16 Ep. 177 Yeol-eum Son, a talented, virtuoso classical music pianist V
176 2018-07-10 Ep. 176 Korea's first female FX dealer, Kim Sang-kyung, President of Korea International Finance Institute V
175 2018-07-09 Ep. 175 CEO Choi Jong-il, the creator of 'Pororo,' which is phenomenal among children all over the world! V
174 2018-07-03 Ep. 174 Captivating Americans with Korean food, Chef Kim Han-song V
173 2018-07-02 Ep. 173 Connecting Brazil and Korea together! Ambassador Luís Fernando Serra V
172 2018-06-26 Ep. 172 Expressing love for grandchildren through art, couples Lee Chan-jae& Ahn Kyung-ja V
171 2018-06-25 Ep. 171 Adding culture to language! The Vice President of FIT, Alison Rodriguez V
170 2018-06-19 Ep. 170 Making Korean known around the world with her cheerful personality, Whitney BAE V
169 2018-06-18 Ep. 169 UNICEF's Regional Director for MENA Geert Cappelaere V
168 2018-06-13 Ep. 168 The World Bank's first high-level Korean officer, Jae-hyang So V
167 2018-06-11 Ep. 167 Capturing the changes in North Korea, journalist Jin Chun-gyu V
166 2018-06-05 Ep. 166 Korea's most captivating harpist, Kwak Jung V
165 2018-06-04 Ep. 165 Classical guitarist Denis Sung-ho V
164 2018-05-29 Ep. 164 The backbone of state affairs and management, Minister of Interior and Safety Kim Boo-kyum V
163 2018-05-28 Ep. 163 Minister of Gender Equality and Family Chung Hyun-back V
162 2018-05-22 Ep. 162 The recreator of Korea's Goryeo Bulwha paintings, the Ven. Wolje Hyedam V
161 2018-05-21 Ep. 161 Youtube content creator Emil Price V
160 2018-05-15 Ep. 160 Pushing the boundaries of science, world-renowned neuroscientist Cho Zang-hee V
159 2018-05-14 Ep. 159 One of Seoul's first NK defectors, President Ahn Chan-il of the World Institute for North Korean Studies. V
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