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222 2018-12-18 Ep. 222 Nam In-sook, writer of best-selling self-development books for women V
221 2018-12-17 Ep. 221 Kim Hyun-won, a Biochemistry professor V
220 2018-12-11 Ep. 220 Zo Myoung-hee, a bag designer who uses Korean traditional items to add an exclusive touch to her bags V
219 2018-12-10 Ep. 219 Whang Sang-min, a psychology counselor who strives only for the betterment of healthy minds for Koreans V
218 2018-12-04 Ep. 218 Park Woong-hyun, who has the Midas touch in the Korean advertising industry
217 2018-12-03 Ep. 217 Heo Sung-yong, CEO of Africa Insight who promotes the beauty of Africa V
216 2018-11-27 Ep. 216 Mia Lee, a private diplomat who strives to strengthen cultural ties between Korea and France V
215 2018-11-26 Ep. 215 Rhie Won-bok, the mastermind behind the educational cartoon series "Far-away nations, Neighboring nations" V
214 2018-11-20 Ep. 214 Painter Lim Ki-ok, a pioneer in paintings on the theme of snowflakes V
213 2018-11-19 Ep.213 Brenda Paik Sunoo, American photojournalist who first published an English book on haenyeo V
212 2018-11-13 Ep. 212 CEO Joseph Lee, who captivates global readers with the exportation of Korean literature V
211 2018-11-12 Ep. 211 Kyu Lee, the mastermind behind PSY's debut in the States and who promotes K-Culture V
210 2018-11-06 Ep 210. Sarah Soo-kyung, a wine curator with abundant stories related to wine V
209 2018-11-05 Ep 209. Professor William O'Grady of University of Hawai'i at Mānoa who strives to revive Jejueo V
208 2018-10-30 Ep.208 Promoting the excellence and true values of Hangeul - Director Park Young-goog of the National Hangeul Museum V
207 2018-10-29 Ep.207 Hair stylist Cha Hong, who leads the global hair style trends V
206 2018-10-23 Ep.206 A destined encounter with Hanbok - Korea's acclaimed Hanbok designer PARK Sul-nyeo V
205 2018-10-22 Ep.205 A world without hunger - Hyoung-joon LIM, Head of the World Food Programme Korea Office V
204 2018-10-16 Ep.204 Dr. Woo-jung Kim, who provides cure and hope to Cambodians who suffer from illnesses V
203 2018-10-15 Ep.203 Hye Moon, the CEO of the Cultural Assets Restoration Organization V
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