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No Date Full Contents Review VOD
257 2019-04-24 Ep.258 Family of the Hansen, Father Uribe V
256 2019-04-23 Ep.257 Lawyer and Doctor Park Sung-min V
255 2019-04-17 Ep.256 Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Hwang Do-soon V
254 2019-04-16 Ep.255 Korea's First-Generation White Hat Hacker Lee Seung-jin V
253 2019-04-10 Ep.254 Korean-Cuban documentary film V
252 2019-04-09 Ep.253 Ambassador of African art, Gallery Tongkeun CEO Jung Hae-kwang V
251 2019-04-03 Ep. 252 Globally Acclaimed Pianist Park Jong-hwa V
250 2019-04-02 Ep. 251 Top Korean baseball commentator, Heo Koo-youn V
249 2019-03-27 Ep. 250 Social Innovation Designer, Professor Davide Fassi V
248 2019-03-26 Ep. 249 First Korean chairperson of the Evaluation Body for the UNESCO Convention, Bak Sang-mee V
247 2019-03-19 Ep. 248 Jinny Kim, Korea's acclaimed shoe designer V
246 2019-03-18 Ep. 247 Jay Chang-joon Kim, Former Member of the U.S. Congress V
245 2019-03-12 Ep. 246 Jeff Benjamin, a music journalist based in New York City who is the leading American authority on K-Pop V
244 2019-03-11 Ep. 245 Kim Chan-joong, a renowned architect in and outside of Korea V
243 2019-03-05 Ep. 244 DongDong, a Korean content creator who bewitches the Chinese audience with original and witty video clips V
242 2019-03-04 Ep. 243 Kim Hyung-geun, CEO of Seoul Selection V
241 2019-02-26 Ep. 242 - Kim So-sun, An artist who draws Minhwa on porcelain plates V
240 2019-02-25 Ep. 241 Lee Jong-kul, National Assembly member and grandson of independence activist Lee Hoe-yeong V
239 2019-02-19 Ep. 240 Sophy Kim Ji-won, CEO of EMK International V
238 2019-02-18 Ep. 239 Lee Hee-beom, President & CEO of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee V
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