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* Date : 2017-02-11

4 Angles Ep.155
Climate Change: What Now?
Climate change is a global phenomenon that often results in serious social and economic consequences. Last year, Korea saw multiple extreme weather events such as the record-breaking heatwave, tropical nights and typhoons. The earth's average temperature is expected to reach a record-high level this year. We take a look at what governments around the world are doing to combat climate change and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Tackling Fine Dust
Invisible specks of dust blanket the sky of Korea. Fine dust particles are a critical threat to the environment and human health. Exposure to fine dust may lead to serious health conditions such as reduced lung function, lung cancer and dementia. With multiple fine dust warnings being issued in recent month, there is a growing concern over the country's deteriorating air quality. We report on how serious the problem is, and what is being done to improve air quality.
Animal Welfare Efforts
Animals have been taken granted and used for the convenience of humans. Today, concerns about animal welfare are having an impact on different industries. With the latest animal testing ban in place, scientists are turning to technological innovations to replace animal research. Fashion brands are incorporating cruelty-free, vegan fashion into their collections, using synthetic padding and faux fur instead of down insulation and real animal fur.
Winter Destinations in PyeongChang
With less than a year left until the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, popular tourist destinations in Gangwon-do Province are turning heads. We delve into what Gangwon-do Province has to offer, from the picturesque winter scenery and an exciting snow tube ride in Daegwallyeong Snow Town to Olympic venues and the 2018 PyeongChang House.

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