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* Date : 2016-05-21

4 Angles Ep112
[May Special – Finding Solutions for the Youth Economy]
Incubating Systems Giving Wings to Youth Start-ups

Faced with a wall against employment, young people are finding new paths through start-ups. The start-up trend is taking over college campuses as well. One university has achieved good results by providing funds and work space as well as a start-up friendly curriculum to promote start-ups among its students. The government is also implementing various policies to promote youth start-ups. The government-operated Youth Start-up Academy has become a gateway to success for aspiring entrepreneurs.Youth are finding new solutions through start-ups. We meet with the young CEOs who will carry the Korean economy in the future, and learn about various incubating projects that are facilitating their efforts.

Anniversary of May 18 Democratic Uprising
Remembering the Late Jürgen Hinzpeter, Reporter of May 18

On the fateful day of May 18, the democratic uprising in Gwangju, one foreign reporter was there capturing the scene on camera. Even under the military dictatorship, the photos taken by the late Jürgen Hinzpeter was published all across Europe, letting the world see the fervor of the Korean people for democracy. Let’s trace the footsteps of Jürgen Hinzpeter as we remember the significance of the May 18 Democratic Uprising.

Changing Attitudes Towards Marriage and Childbirth

South Korea now has a hyper-low birthrate and even two children in a household are considered more than average. The Seoul Metropolitan government recently held a marathon for siblings to promote the value of having more than one child.On the other hand, the era of low fertility rate and marriage rate has brought on the rise of a group of singles by choice, The difficulty of finding employment and high housing prices have changed the way people think about marriage. Let’s hear from those who choose to remain single their reasons and their thoughts towards marriage.

[2016 Youth Humanities ‘Nonjangpan’]
Rediscovering ‘Traditional Korean Culture’

In the 21st century, culture is a nation’s strength. Korea is currently enjoying a Hallyu rennaissance, based on popular culture. However, some people are searching for a new Hallyu wave in Korea’s traditional culture.At the <2016 Youth Humanities Nonjangpan>, we meet with foreign and Korean college students who are rediscovering Korean traditions through fresh new perspectives.

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840 2018-01-18 4 Angles Ep.204 [ Governor of Choi Moon-soon of Gangwon-do Province/Black String/EXP EDITION/Artist Lee Wan ] V
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