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* Date : 2016-08-05

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Brazil's 11.1 Billion Olympic Investment, Will It Pay Off?

As Brazil gears up for the Rio 2016 Olympics, one question is on many people's minds. Will Brazil be able to enjoy an economic boon from the Olympics as it struggles amid recession? The economy of Brazil is facing unprecedented challenges but that has not stopped the nation from investing US$ 11.1 Billion into the Olympics. Will Brazil, once hailed as the star of the BRICS economies, be able to resume its path of economic development after the Olympics? Learn about the economic impact that the Rio 2016 Olympics will have on the Brazilian economy.

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[IT Observer]
Portable Compact Neuroimaging Device

NIRSIT is a new neuroimaging device developed by KAIST researchers which shows real time neural activity on a tablet PC. The laser and detector attached to a helmet can measure oxygen levels in the brain in real time. Learn more about NIRSIT, a ground breaking imaging technology that Apple and Google are showing interest in.

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Powervoice Lets You Pay with Your Voice

A Korea-based R&D startup specializing in speaker recognition security solutions is turning heads in the fast growing FinTech market. The latest addition to the company's offerings is a speaker recognition service, which uses a user's voice to authorize a payment. Another promising technology is a smart switch that enables remote control of lights in connected homes. Meet Powervoice, one of the first movers in the voice biometrics market.

Smart Start-up
[Info Station]
How Hot Weather Affects Economy

Summer 2016 has been a hot one with sweltering temperatures around the world. Amid the intense heat wave, Korea's electricity peak demand has hit a record high multiple times. Productivity, on the other hand, has plummeted. Find out how the hot weather affects the economy as well as our daily lives.

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210 2017-03-24 Bizline EP.210 VR & AR: Technologies to Change the Future V
209 2017-03-17 Bizline EP.209 The Sharing Economy and Rational Spending V
208 2017-03-10 Bizline EP.208 Food Tech: A new paradigm of the food industry V
207 2017-03-03 Bizline EP.207 Fintech, Innovation in Digital Finance V
206 2017-02-24 Bizline EP.206 The Bye-Buy Sensation, a New Economic Trend V
205 2017-02-17 Bizline EP.205 Future Cars: Innovation in the Car Industry V
204 2017-02-10 Bizline EP.204 Smart Factories: A Convergence of Manufacturing and ICT V
203 2017-02-03 Bizline EP.203 The Evolution of the smart home V
202 2017-01-27 Bizline EP.202 The 4th Industrial Revolution V
201 2017-01-20 Bizline EP.201 O2O Services, Linking Online to Offline V
200 2017-01-13 Bizline EP.200 1conomy, the 2017 economic trend V
199 2017-01-06 Bizline EP.199 Smartphone Market Forecast 2017 V
198 2016-12-30 Bizline EP.198 Hottest Tech Issues 2016 V
197 2016-12-23 Bizline EP.197 Digital Signage Thrives V
196 2016-12-16 Bizline EP.196 Advent of T-UHD TV Service V
195 2016-12-09 Bizline EP.195 Era of Smart Cars V
194 2016-12-02 Bizline EP.194 Battery Industry V
193 2016-11-25 Bizline EP.193 V
192 2016-11-18 Bizline EP192 V
191 2016-11-11 Bizline EP191 V
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