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* Date : 2015-07-31

[Trend Insight]
Brewing Battle in the Mobile Payment Market

Online and mobile payment that requires simple verification procedure is expanding fast. Advance by local players has hit the bottleneck due to government regulations. Chinese e-commerce giant has made inroads and other foreign companies are preparing to enter the market. We examine how local players can survive in the intensity.

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[IT Observer]
Real time remote control through skin EMG sensor
A technology has been developed to control a robot or virtual avatar in real time. The key to real time motion control without delay is motion prediction. We learn about the technology of skin EMG sensors that sense electric signals generated in arm muscles before the actual movement, and find out about its real world applications.
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[Smart Start-up]
Consider C Makes Hobby Serious Business
Cycling indoors and outdoors is an excellent way to keep fit. But stationary indoor biking can get boring. It is why virtual reality cycling has become huge in Britain and the U.S. A local startup is about to bring the fad into the country by launching virtual gear cycling system. It allows full road cycling experience right in your living room, taking you to the best biking courses around world with resistance and wind effects according to the road conditions.
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[Question Box]
At what point does the exchange rate apply for cross-border shopping?
A growing number of shoppers are now buying things directly on foreign websites. At what point does the exchange rate apply for these transactions? Is it the moment you purchase an item from an online retailer, or is it when the credit card bill is paid? Find out when the currency conversion takes place for direct overseas shopping.

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