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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

* Date : 2017-01-20

Simply K-Pop Ep 248 Line-up
HELLOVENUS – Mysterious

Capturing hearts after a year and 6 months, HELLOVENUS made their comeback with their 6th mini-album "Mystery of VENUS".

"Mysterious" is a refreshing pop dance song with the retro swing genre, involving sounds of whistling, piano, and drums.

Block B
WJSN – I Wish

After receiving much love from their "THE SECRET" album, WJSN returned with unique charms in their 3rd mini-album "From. WJSN".

Sounding modern with the synth sound, "I Wish" is a bright dance pop track that has strong beats and colorful chords.

April – April Story

With the addition of two new members, April returned as matured ladies, singing about many feelings of first love in their 3rd mini-album "Prelude".

"April Story" is a beautiful love song about the pure and innocent feelings of a one-sided crush that anyone can relate to.

BP RANIA – Start a Fire

With a change in members, RANIA returned as BP RANIA, hoping to become a special existence like 'Black Pearls.'

With both retro pop and hip-hop sounds, "Start a Fire" is about women strongly warning obsessive men who try to regulate them.


After capturing hearts with their 2nd mini-album "COME TO ME" in 2016, BEATWIN returned after 5 months, ready to play.

Playing around with major and minor chords, "RISING SUN" has a sad melody that is complete with BEATWIN's sweet voices.

MIXX – love is sudden

Upon debuting in May of 2016, MIXX returned with their 2nd single album "love is sudden" with 5 members after 8 months.

With urban music sounds, the title track "love is sudden" is about 5 shy girls, who confidently make their confessions.


Acknowledged as musicians ahead of their debut, VROMANCE made a comeback with their 2nd mini-album "ROMANCE".

Full of VROMANCE's captivating voices, "I'm Fine" is about a man letting go of a past lover and convincing himself that he's okay.

DreamCatcher – Chase Me

Newly debuted, the DreamCatcher members will show unexpected charms, becoming nightmares to draw out a story of dreams.

With rock sounds and an addicting chorus, "Chase Me" creates the image of a dreamcatcher, ready to chase bad dreams away.

Baby Boo – Right now

Following "Kiss Me" in 2016, Baby Boo returned as five with their 4th single album "Right now".

With fast beats and refreshing rock sounds, "Right now" is about the honest feelings of a girl ahead of a breakup.


Showing good results in 2016 with "Just You", M.FECT made their comeback with their 3rd album, full of winter ballad emotions.

"REASON" is a song with descriptive and metaphorical lyrics about a man who searches for the reason why a relationship fell apart.

BADKIZ – Ear Attack2

After heating things up in the summer with "HOTHAE", BADKIZ returned after 3 months with their new album.

"Ear Attack2" is a song with a trendy electronic sound with strong beats and a modernized melody.

VARSITY – U r my only one

Consisting of 7 Korean and 5 Chinese members, VARSITY took their first steps, hoping to become a representative idol group.

The title song "U r my only one" has chip-hop and electronic sounds mixed together, along with poetic lyrics and an addictive chorus.

TopSecret – She

After being active in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and more before debut, TopSecret finally made their debut with their 1st mini-album "Time's Up".

As a funky and exciting dance song "She" is about finding someone's inner beauty more attractive that what's seen on the outside.

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