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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 09:05 KST

* Date : 2016-12-23

Simply K-Pop 2016 Year-End Special(1) Ep 245 Line-up
INFINITE – The Eye (ep.233)

After a year and 2 months since their "Reality" album in 2015, INFINITE made a return with their 6th mini-album,"INFINITE ONLY" in September.

With grandiose sounds and symbolic lyrics, "The Eye" is about a man who is unable to pull himself away from a storm caused by a breakup.

Block B
VIXX – Fantasy (ep.230)

Loved for their unique concept since 2012, VIXX showcased the "VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION" project in 2016 with "Zelos", "Hades" and "Kratos".

As the title song of "Hades", "Fantasy" has Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" woven in and out, and is about 6 men who hunger for love.


Following their 2015 debut, GFRIEND cemented the group's uniqueness with their 1st full-length album "LOL".

As the "LOL" album title track, "NAVILLERA" contains exciting guitar melody and is about the longing to truly love someone.

Apink – Only one (ep.235)

After a streak of popular songs from "NoNoNo" to "Only one", Apink broke a year and 2 month hiatus with the "Pink Revolution" album.

As the title song of the 3rd full-length album, "Only one" colorfully expresses the overwhelming feelings of being in love.

LABOUM – Journey to Atlantis (ep.209)

Debuted in 2014, LABOUM kept 2016 busy with "Fresh Adventure"in April, "LOVE SIGN" in August, and "Winter Story" in December.

Revealed in April of 2016, "Journey to Atlantis" is about breaking free from a repetitive life and searching for the paradise of their dreams.

I.O.I – Very Very Very (ep.238)

Born in the hands of the nation I.O.I debuted in May with "Dream Girls", following it by "Whatta Man" in August and "Very Very Very" in October.

As the 2nd mini-album title track, "Very Very Very" is a bright and bubbly song about a girl who wants to hear that she's loved.

NCT U – The 7th Sense (ep.211)

Revealed in April, NCT, or Neo Culture Technology, is a "World Wide Group" that has been promoting as unit groups NCT U.

"The 7th Sense" carries NCT U's hopes to communicate with the public by understanding each other's dreams through music.

ASTRO – Breathless (ep.222)

Taking first steps in February of 2016, ASTRO followed their "Spring Up" albume with "Summer Vibes" in July and "Autumn Story" in November.

The title track of the 2nd mini-album, "Breathless"is a bright and bubbly song that blows the summer heat away with ASTRO's unique charms.

KNK – BACK AGAIN (ep.224)

Grabbing attention with their talents and visuals since March, KNK followed up "BACK AGAIN" with their 2nd mini-album "REMAIN".

As the "AWAKE" album title track, "BACK AGAIN" is strong yet smooth song that grows in volume, mixing well with the members' harmony.

WJSN – Secret (ep.232)

Adding I.O.I's Yu Yeon-jung as a new member in August, WJSN unveiled their 2nd mini-album "THE SECRET".

As the 2nd mini-album title song, "Secret" begins with a music box tinkle and expresses the shy feelings of a girl in love.

PENTAGON – Gorilla (ep.237)

First revealed through a reality TV program, PENTAGON officially debuted in October.

As PENTAGON's debut song, "Gorilla" has powerful beats and is about the wild feelings that a man gets for a woman he loves.

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