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World Ch. Schedule : FRI 13:00 KST

* Date : 2016-12-02

Simply K-Pop Ep 242 Line-up

With more improvement and experience following a world tour, B.A.P returned as tough guys with their 2nd full-length album "NOIR".

Full of dynamic sounds, "SKYDIVE" is about B.A.P not yielding to the world, but pushing themselves towards their own utopia.

Block B
MAMAMOO – Décalcomanie

Always worth listening to, MAMAMOO deviated from their usually bright image, making a comeback as sexy gentleladies.

Filled full with MAMAMOO's unique soulful voices, "Décalcomanie" is about a couple that begins to look alike after sharing a first kiss.

Jun Hyo Seong
LABOUM – Winter Story

After receiving a lot of love in the summer with "Shooting Love", LABOUM returned to fans with their winter song, "Winter Story".

Filled with LABOUM's unique and refreshing charms, "Winter Story" is a remake of UN's "The Story of a Star" from 2005.


Continuously pursuing the EDM genre, 24K, loved by fans around the world, unveiled their 1st full-length album "THE REAL ONE".

As a festival EDM song that shows 24K's colors, "BINGO" is about overcoming the struggles of a breakup to rise back up to the top.

Boys Republic
ToppDogg – Rainy day

Stepping aside from their bad boy image, ToppDogg made a matured transformation with their 1st full-length album "First Street".

Starting off with the quiet sounds of gentle raindrops, "Rainy day" is a hip-hop R&B song about the strong longing for a past lover.

SNUPER – It's raining

Shedding their previous cute and bright boyish image, SNUPER transformed into tough guys with their new album "Rain of Mind".

With the matured voices of SNUPER, "It's raining" is about a man in denial who tries to wash away the pain of love with the rain.

ASTRO – Confession

After revealing "Spring Up" and "Summer Vibes" in the 1st half of 2016, ASTRO returned for the fall with their 3rd-mini album "Autumn Story".

Showing off ASTRO's refreshing colors, "Confession" is about a man who confidently confesses to a woman without knowing the results.

Park Si Hwan – Gift of Love

Upon winning 2nd place on an survival program and debuting, Park Si Hwan returned after a year with a new ballad for the fans.

With a delicate piano melody, "Gift of Love" is a song about someone who calmly comes into terms with a breakup.

IMFACT – Feel So Good

Always ready to make an impact with truthful music, IMFACT made their return with their 2nd mini-album.

With powerful synth sounds, "Feel So Good" is about going down the path you choose for yourself, instead of the one decided for you.

VOISPER – Learn To Love

After debuting in March, VOISPER unveiled their 1st mini-album "Voice + Whisper", also the meaning behind their group name.

As an emotional ballad, "Learn To Love" is about the regrettable sadness of a couple breaking up, due to not knowing how to love.

Berry Good – Don't believe

Ending a hiatus of about 7 months, Berry Good returned with 6 members and a new concept.

With a mix of country, acoustic, and pop, "Don't believe" is about the longing that lingers after sending away a significant other.


Able to compose, write lyrics, and play instruments, SOUL LATIDO is a colorful and talented group that creates beautiful harmony.

Their debut song "Your Name" was composed and written by member Swin and holds an intricate string line and vocals.

VICTON – I'm fine

Ready to become a voice to the new world, VICTON made their debut to let the world hear their music and voice.

"I'm fine" describes the feelings of a man who tries to act cool despite having his pride hurt in front of his girlfriend.

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